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How many showers?

Ive heard the average person has 2 showers. Why would you need two showers? Tell me this is some new fangled thing, I only want one!

Re: How many showers?

  • With my first I only had one.  My sister had 3 showers with her first.  Her SO has a HUGE family so they threw one, I threw one for her friends, our side of the family, and a few people from his side were included as his mom, grandma, sister etc, then she had a shower given to her at work.
  • Sometimes the mom wants to throw one and the husband's family wants to throw yet another one. That was my SIL's case. She lives in a different state. She came up here for one shower, and had another in her state because her dh family insisted on throwing her one there (even though they came up to the first one).

    Other times it's family throws one and work throws a 2nd one.

    Most get one.

  • I think it's regional.  I've read on these boards about enormous showers in the northeast where they have 50+ guests.  Around here, a shower is never more than 15 - 20 people.
  • If it's a surprise and the MTB is unaware, I suppose the number could be infinite, right? :)
  • I'm having 3. One given by my friends where I live. One in SC where my mom lives and other one at work. The one at work and in SC will be much smaller than the first one.

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  • im have one with over 50 people... thats it.  i have work friends, college friends, my family & in-laws all in one place... i guess this is not common in some places...
  • I think it just depends on how many people you are going to invite, where people live in proximity to you, etc.

    Just had a shower this weekend with my family and friends... fiance and I have another in two weeks with his family and friends 3 hours south of here. There probably would've been 50-60 people if we hadn't split it up- EEP!

  • I'm having 2. Both FI and my parents are divorced and remarried, so we don't have 2 families, we have 4. It's still awkward to put step-parents and real parents in the same room. This is still very recent for me, so I'm not all about having my stepmom and real mom there together. It's just awkward for me, and since this party is kinda all about me (and of course the baby, but the baby just gets to sit in my belly during the whole thing lol) I decided on 2. Plus, with the head count of everyone, it'd be pushing probably 80 or so people at one, if you include all friends and extended family. It's up to you how many you want to do and why.
  • I will be having 3. One for my family (about 45 people, we have a HUGE family), one for FI's family (20-30 ppl, 2hrs from here) and one from the ladies of his Army unit (about 10-15 ppl). There would be too many people in one space to have just one shower. They are all spread out so I'm not worried about any of it. It will be fun to see all the different people at different times.
  • I'm having three. I had a large one with over 90 people invited and then my husband's office is having one for us.  My third one is small with a bunch of my close girlfriends.
  • I'm having three. My first was this past weekend. It was hosted by my husband's aunt and was just my family and his family, there were about 30 people. The second will be hosted by my best friend and is a co-ed shower with 50 people invited. It will be very casual and more like a Saturday night party, which is fine with me! The third will be at my work with the 12 girls in my office invited.
  • I actually had 3 - one in DH's hometown (Atlanta), one where DH and I live now (South Florida), and one at work.  I wanted to invite the people from my work to our South Florida shower, but I work pretty far from home so they kinda just opted to throw me one at the office.  If you only want one then just have one.
  • We're having three or four. My family, his family, my work, his work. his family may wind up tacking onto ours, making it a larger shower but we'll see how it all pans out. (IL's live seven hours away, and i'm having too many issues to be traveling like that)
  • I'm having 3. My family in one state, DH family in another and then one with friends where we live now... I'm going to be exhausted! They'll be 3 small showers that equal 1 big I guess.
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  • I'll probably end up with 3 showers.  One with just my close friends - about 15 people, one from my family about 30, and then work will probably do something I'm sure as we have for others in the past.

  • I think it depends on the families and their relationship. Our families and all of our friends all know one another very well, so I believe my mom and MIL are throwing my shower together. Some families throw them separate so its a little more personal and smaller. It probably allows for a house shower which is cheaper.
  • 3 showers are being thrown for me. And obviously i didn't ask for a single one. Why not celebrate the baby in your belly more than once?
  • Well, it depends on the situation.  Usually multiple showers are more of a geographic issue than anything else.  For example, I had three bridal showers.  One was for my family, one was for DH's family (they live 3+ hours away so a joint shower wouldn't have been convenient for anyone but me), and one was a couples' shower for our friends.  I also was lucky enough to have a surprise shower at work.

    For the baby, we're only having one shower.  MIL is having a a "welcome baby" party later this summer on their side of the state for DH's extended family that can't make our baby shower here. 

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  • As of right now, I am having two.  Our families are about 2 hours apart and I know most of those from DH would not drive to the other one.  My sister is having one that is my side of the family, my friends and work friends ( about 60 ppl).  My MIL is having a smaller one with their family and friends.  Unless either of our works' throw one, two is what we will have.
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