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Whoa... (vent)

I am very excited to be pregnant. What a gift it is. It was however, a HUGE surprise, DH and I weren't close to trying. I have been in Nursing School for almost 4 years and will graduate in May. We were planning on taking a Vegas vacation this summer, buying new bedroom furniture and doing all sorts of great things with our new source of income and as a sort of reward for me working my ass off during school. Due to being on birth control and newlyweds we went with emergency health insurance only which means no maternity coverage on my insurance. We will be paying for EVERYTHING...


As I said, I am super excited...this baby is such a blessing from God, but did I work my ass off for four years to have everything go into a bank account. I LOVE our baby, but I want to reap my rewards for the hard work and enjoy being young newlyweds. I realized tonight that isn't a possiblity.  Realities have hit me tonight......

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Re: Whoa... (vent)

  • Sounds like you're in a similar boat as we are... I found a program called Maternity Advantage which has been a true blessing.

    Send me a PM if you want to know it works and stuff.  Wink

  • I am not sure if you can qualify, but if you are a student, I would see if you can get on Healthy Start insurance.  I am also a student, only I had NO health insurance when I got PG and healthy start has been a life savor (plus the best part, no copays or deductables). 

    You can still reap the rewards of your hard work.  I am not sure when you due, but you can probably still go on a Vegas vacation this summer.  And just think of how much better off financially you will be raising a baby after you graduated.  You will have a different kind of reward...

  • Aww you sound just like me!! I just found healthy New York its really helping me with insurance and stuff... I hope everything works out for you, and I know how you feel, it is a blessing and I know in the end it will be the best thing ever, but we do get to miss out on certain things I guess you take the good with the bad!?
  • Healthy Start is AMAZING I was able to keep my Dr and I don't feel like I have to miss out on anything.  Infact I get some added perks.  I am high risk, so I have a nurse I can call if I have any questions.  I call her after my appts to let her know what is going, and as a reward for checking in, the insurance sends me g/cs to walmart. 

    Also another added perk is in addition to getting all my perscriptions covered (which I am on Lovenox so the cost of that alone, would break me) I get free generic OTC like Tylenol, which I have been using a ton of. 

  • Gosh I know how you feel...

     its like you feel like you had your whole life free to go and do whatever you wanted and then BAM!....you turn a sharp corner with a whole different view....and you cant go back

    for the first few months I suffered from always thinking what my life and my husband's life together would have played out....but again like you said not unhappy this has happened....

    My best advise is still reward your self for your hard work, maybe just in a smaller way...take a romantic weekend get away or just maybe getting that bedroom furniture alone....I always believe that if there is a will there is a way

    my DH and I have had to put a lot of our plans on hold and started putting all and I mean all of our extra money away in to savings for this baby and everything that comes with...its defiantly hard, but I got to a point where I would look at my sister-in-law who is a 19 year old single mom, living on her own, paying her bills and I think if she can do it so can I
    I couldn't be more happier that this has happened to me it has made me a better person and for that all the hard work and sacrifice is worth giving up everything else

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  • we were in a similar boat as well it was a surprise to us as well. We were planning a wedding which needed to be bumped up (we could have waited but i knew we'd never have a 'real' wedding or honeymoon if we had a baby) My job has zero benefits..im on Dh health insur which is fabulous...but i have no maternity pay or even know that I have a job after I take my leave...its very scary. But we know that we can and will do this...couples have before and they will in the future. This may not be where we wanted to be financally in order to have a baby but it will all work out I have faith in that. I could not be happier to be having this baby!! Its a true blessing. (i too am in the healthcare field and know how hard it is...reward yourself like PP said with a weekend get away...)
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  • I am in a similar situation. I was laid off from my very good job last July and only found a job and began working in January. I am 2 weeks away from qualifying for my employers group health insurance. The insurance agent is looking into ways for me to be accepeted but she does not sound hopeful. I have been doing alot of research and found...

    1. there are programs that will negotiate what you pay the hospital and cover a small amount of Dr. Visits for a monthly fee and a contract. The do not negotiate your savings with hospitals until after you become a member. Some of these groups are...U.S.A. Plus has a program called C.A.R.E., Maternity Advantage and Ameriplan. You can find these on www.pregnancyinsurance.org

    2. I was so upset I emailed a Dr. who wrote an article in 2007 about women who are pregnant and do not qualify for Medicaid. He said that it would be smart to look into Midwifery Practices, the offer excellent pre-natal care  and probably charge less than a physician. They may also know of your local resources and sources for free care. Also search for Federally Qualified Health Centers. He mentioned do not be afraid to use them. they are designed to help the uninsured and as we all know there are all sorts of good, hardworking people uninsured!

     I hope this helps and you have a happy, healthy pregnancy! Lets stay in touch ladies we need eachothers support thru this.

  • I don't know exactly how you feel because we WANTED this baby.  But financially their are ALOT of things we are UNSURE about.  I'm not sure what you're husband does but I would first check with your state and see what their qualifications are for Medicaid for Pregnant Women.  Make sure you let them know you have no health insurance and you are a student.  I would not reccomend thinking that you can pay for everything yourself.  Births are VERY expensive..as are regular office visits and prenatals.  If you had to get an injection like Lovenox, mentioned above, depending on the strength and duration a one week supply is over $1000. 

    Contact Social Services.  They usually have a website with some info.  The quicker the better because you are already 12 weeks from your ticker. 

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  • DH and I are in a similar situation. 

    Truly we're thrilled to be pregnant but let's just say it wasn't exactly the plan.  I still have a four semesters of school left.  We had planned our dream vacation for this October (road trip...not happening when I'm 8 months pregnant!)  Plus with the economy we're not sure what how we'll survive more than three months or so if DH loses his job. Plus our current health care coverage just switched to an HSA with a $6000 deductible which I'm sure we'll run through fairly quickly. 

    These are the things that keep me up at night when I'm not trying to pick out a name, or nursery furniture, or dreaming about being a *real* family.  I'm just trying to have faith that it will all come together and everything will be fine!  

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