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Help please!

went to the hosp on wed night, i started dialating (im having an elective c-section) and at my dr appnt the next day the dr said i am in labor but im in the early stage right now. Any suggestions on what i can do to move things along? They dont want to do the c section early unless i dialate 2 or 3 cms. I cant wait another 9 days, im so uncomfortable and irritable that im starting to take my frustration out on my fam and its killing me. send me your suggestions please ladies! im desperate! Crying
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Re: Help please!

  • I'm not sure if I can help you out b/c I ended up going 2 weeks late before I had DS.  I was 3 cm dialted since 36 weeks!

    Here are some tips that I had gotten to try and induce/speed up labour :

    1. eat spicy food

    2.have sex

    3 Lots of walking

    4. having the Dr strip your membranes( nto sure if this is for you since you are already dialating)

    5 drinking raspberry leaf tea

    6. drinking caster oil( not sure if this is an old wives tale but some women swear by it)

    BTW, I'm also in Edmonton.  Where are you planning on delivering?  I'm having my baby at the Mis hospital.



  • Walk up and down stairs, or curb walk (one foot on one foot off)

    Don't do castor oil...a friend did it and the baby went into distresss

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  • walking, spicy food, pineapple, sex, Evening Primrose Oil, raspberry leaf tea, nipple stimulation, have Doc strip your membranes... None of it worked for me- DS was 10 days late, but it might work for you
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  • i did the castor oil with my first and i will never do that again, it was the worst thing i ever did! if my fiance would stop falling asleep in the couch before 9pm sex might be in the question,lol. i am currently eating pineapples and hoping that works, as for having the dr strip my membranes, my next dr apt is only 4 days before the c/s so there is really no point there. ill try the tea and nipple stimulation and hope the pineapples help as well...thanks for all the help ladies! (BTW im having him at the Royal Alex.)
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  • Accupuncture worked for me - of course it could have been chance.

    Good luck! 

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