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physically unattractive

i go through these spurts of depression or something where i feel completely unattractive! this pregnancy has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. i moved in with my boyfriend of three years and two months later i was pregnant. all my friends and family live almost 400 miles away so having them be involved was kind of out of the picture. i think the thing that i have struggled with the most is feeling like im not in control of my body and the changes im experiencing. dont get me wrong, i am completely excited for the arrival of our daughter, but sometimes it's really hard. has anyone else felt like that?

Re: physically unattractive

  • I feel like a total schlub most of the time - my face is red and swollen, none of my clothes fit, my hair is oily now, and I can't wear my contacts due to dryness.  Most of the time even when I DO make an effort to look half decent I still look in the mirror and want to cry. 

    Yesterday I bought some new make-up, and some spray tan crap to try and make my pale and blotchy face a little less so.  It didn't do a whole lot, but I still try to make it work for my sanity.  Luckily DH is so blinded by the fact that I am carrying his son and loves my PG belly, so he doesnt seem to notice (or if he does he keeps his comments to himself!) how crappy I look. 

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  • I definitely understand how you are feeling.. I haven't seen my boyfriend since before I found out I was pregnant.. So luckily I haven't been trying to "impress" anyone.. After seeing pics from my baby shower and noticing how ginormous and swollen and fat my face haas gotten, I was feeling awful about myself. While on the webcam with my boyfriend that night, I made a comment how huge I was getting especially my face... And he said "siii, muchooo grande" and motioned to his cheeks. I was soooo pissed.

    These hormones are terrible some days. 

  • hola fellow sac-e... hang in there....I SO understand how u feel
  • Try having an identical twin who keeps reminding you that you are fat and your stomach is gross and that she thinks being pregnant is gross. I mean, did we not come from the same house.  Everyone else tells me i'm small for being three weeks away from delivery, but she keeps reminding me i'm huge.  I finally said something tonight after dinner and her husband felt the need to tell me I was being mean and needed to be nicer to her.  WHAT! Excuse me?  I am the one who has spent 9 months listening to her out of wack comments towards me and my son.

    Feeling unattractive is normal.  I am sick of wearing my husbands t shirts.  I want to see my feet again.  I want to bend over so bad.  I want to lift 40 pounds and not care.   I want to function like a normal person again.  AHHHH!!!  I am sick and tired of feeling useless. 


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  • Yep, I'm right there with ya.  Some days I absolutely adore my belly and sometimes I wish I could poke it with a pin and it would deflate.  Not to mention that EVERYTHING else is getting bigger and more swollen by the minute. 

    It's so unfair that guys don't have to go through the same things as we do!

  • since last week ive been feeling reaaaaalllly gross about how swollen im getting. My feet my hands my face. I got a hair cut as a pick me up and Dh was like ohh you cut your hair? Not it looks cute..grr. just needed to help myself in some way bc im feeling sooo unattractive. My face broke out during my preg and my back which is so gross. My hair has been limp and blah...its not what I pictured looking at hedi klum or any other super model mom to be...its not very attractive at all. haaaa. Hang in there...almost done!!!
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  • Crying my FI keeps telling all his buddies that im about to 'calf' any day...as if im an effin cow!!! maybe thats why he spends so much time out of the house latelyCrying Crying
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  • My acne is out of control and I can't get the hair around my face to do anything without putting gel in it and that only works for so long. I can barely shave. My feet and hands are swollen and my face looks like I gained all my weight there. My clothes aren't comfortable and I'm starting to resort to wearing sneakers all the time. Yup! I understand. And whenever DH tries to say something to make me feel better I usually accuse him of lying. Nice huh?
  • We recently moved to Texas and all my friends and family are over 1000 miles away.  So it's hard.  My DH is my main support, and thank god for him.  He keeps telling me how much he loves me and that I look great.
  • I'm echoing all your responses!!!  Plus I'm sweaty non-stop too so lets add that to the gross equation!!!!  However, I did go get some new makeup and a cute haircut and I actually feel human and 1,000x better!!!  Now if only I could get this root beer belly appear!!!!
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