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13 weeks - dry flaky nipples?!

Oh my goodness. Help! I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my 1st. (Yea!) I have suddenly developed OOBER flaky, dry, itchy areolas and nipples. Is this normal? What is causing it?

I know you can get irritation once you start breastfeeding, but I'm not there yet, obviously. Besides, they don't hurt. They just itch and flake. Sorry if TMI, but I took my bra off the other night, and it was like a blume of flaky dandruff flew into the air! AHHH! What's wrong?

I've tried cocoa oil, lanolin/petroleum lotion from the hospital, tried wearing a bra to bed (because my night shirt actually did make them red and hurt-bad). I dunno what I could put on there to keep the moisture in. I even used a supposed long-lasting moisture lotion. The hospital's lotion seems best, but I'm still peeling/flaking and itchy as all getout.

Like I said, am I alone? Is this from massive rapid growth (which is what my husband thinks). Help!!

Re: 13 weeks - dry flaky nipples?!

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