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Anxiety has me trippin right now!

I am still trying to get over being sick, my asthma inhalers are not working too well, I still have the feeling of chest pressure, and a wicked cough. When I get sick like this my heart rate gets more excited (I guess from working overtime trying to fight off the sickness), and to top it off, in 2007 I had a catheter ablation procedure done on my heart for a-fib, so even though the a-fib is gone, I developed general anxiety from it all, and anytime my heart rate is faster than my normal, it automatically sends me into a panic mode (because of what I went through with my hears flying before i had my procedure done), I tried to take a nap and jumped out of bed with a panic attack. Ohh I need someone with anxiety to talk to me, I am still full of anxiety, and it only makes my heart rate higher.

Re: Anxiety has me trippin right now!

  • I have the chest pressure and cough too...the cough actually sets me in to puke fests...it sucks!!! When I went to my first appt tuesday...md put me on a z-pack, tylenol w/ codeine for pain, and robitussin DM... dont know exactly what it is but I have fluid in my lungs she said.... hope you feel better!!!
  • I don't have panic attacks but most definately anxiety. I was laid off from my job last July and just began a new one. Needless to say I just found out I am 5 weeks. I have been without health insurance and still do not have it. I am working like crazy to figure out my options and pray my  group health insurance will take my "pre-existing condition". I am not sure this will make you feel any better but I am an emotional wreck. Fortunately my significant other keeps reassuring me, everything will be ok!

  • You know, I delt with a stupid doctor at an urgent care (I shouldn't have just went to the closest one to my house) because the doc did not impress me at all. I figured I probably had what I always get about 1-2 years, and I'm always treated with the Z-Pack, it does wonders on me. I didn't know you could take Z pack while pregnant? I'm debating on whether to call my doc tomorrow or not and see what they can do for me.

    The anxiety has cooled down a little, I am at work now doing the night shift, and my heart rate is at 84 right now, goodness when my panic attack happened, I'm sure it was in the 120's-130's (major trigger for anxiety).

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