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~November Ninjas Wednesday Check In~

Wanna be added? New here? This is a group for women expecting to have their baby in November. If you would like to join our group, please email me your information! My email address is holleich@aol.com. Please include your screen name, name, age and estimated due date.

If you would like to update your due date, please email me and be sure to include your original due date, that way it is easier for me to find you!

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I will post a check-in daily, but cannot guarantee what time of day!!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for QOTD (question of the day).


Good morning, I hope you all are feeling well! Welcome to all our new girls!! Congratulations on your BFP's! Please feel free to share your symptoms!!

QOTD - What sorts of exercise are you doing? Is this different than what you did before your BFP? (thanks lolonyo)

Me (Holly) - Well, I haven't been doing much. Too tired and busy. I do go for regular walks with my DD and my dog. I haven't been to the gym in awhile, I am trying to work it back in. Before my BFP I went to the gym 2-3 times a week fairly consistently. I have just been super busy lately.

November 1st

ashleyb0604                  Ashley 25

EbethM0321                  Erin 24

Chelseybelle                   Chelsey 26

absred2000                    Abbey 26

emilyhellacool                    Emily 24


samidez                          Frani 39  

ladysaw 09  

melp723                           Melissa 27   

gegebaby504                   Gigi     

November 2nd

abarberic                          Andrea 27

spectater                         Diana 30

4realyo                            Lindsay 28

hanson4                           Lia 30

holdn5                              Stephanie 28

mrs.parsley                      Amanda

llovejav                            Kelsey 25

MewMew                          Cristina 26

babyontheway08               Rachel 23

kathleenlarson                   Kathleen 30

shainababygirl                 Shaina 21

vanessaNOV2                   Vanessa 24

MaxOrTori                       Teresa 26

November 3rd

karlybarly                          Karly 26

Jacquiemark                      Jacquie 30

robbydoll5                         Robin 31

Brooke0617                      Brooke 29

nmc29                             Nicole 27

cj9664                             Nanci 30

November 4th

imaprincess                       Danielle 26

Mybella                            Rebecca 25

ellenaxo                           Ellen 33

alybookgirl                        Aly 26

PurplePeep                     Sarah 25
mrsmeyers                      Pamela 38

November 5th

SDKelli                             Kelli 30

MommyPhotographer         Michelle 28

Jema30                            Becky 29

mmb522                           Margie 28

gasgabster                       Gaby 25

redhead0525                  Rachel 29

November 6th

Doodler                            Krista 28

Mariahcohen                     Mariah 39

Metta1313                        Tracy 29

gina325                          Gina 27

                                      Mary 25

November 7th

hoax                              Hoax 33

Maybride                       Jessica 31

Csquared426                  Carrie 32    

kdonn15                         Kristin 28

ChuppsWifey08               Beth 27

mslaura04                      Laura 23    

Carlyalzen                      Carly 27

JennaLanier                   Jenna 29

Emcgrath                      Emily

November 8th

shunt1983                       Sarah 26

ruthiej                              Ruth 29

Hauselnm                        Hauselnm 24

K&S2005                        Kara 25

Lil'Misa                            Lisa 28

ZAngel                             Tiffany 28

PromiseGrl                        Heather 27  

LCTL05                             Libby 32 

fisacons                            Jenna 27

popsicletoes                      Meghan 28                   

November 9th

lolonyo                             Lisa 27

Redrose101307              Tara 25

teeah22                          Tia 28

kkntay                            Kendra 22

Dans0221                      Danielle 26

Bethskye                        Beth 25

Lissy17                          Liz 31

Tara N Mike                   Tara 27 

November 10th

LizLovesJason                   Liz 32

heatherdw                        Heather 25

bentlaj11                         Amber 29

brittany&dusty                 Brittany 22

jennabee13                      Jenna 28

Baums                             Hayley 26

luvbrettnizzy                    Holly 31

Gabbysmom121403         Jennifer 28

redshoegirl                       Lisa 28

Natasha13                       Natasha 28

November 11th

peas out                           Mya 27       

diva741                           Jennifer 28

DiscusCoach                     Bernadette 32

TeamV                             Samantha 26

vspek                               Viktoria 25

Eingram3187                     Emily 24

Mrs. Christie                     Christie 26

Amyhouse1046                 Amy 24

etteyam                           Mayette 32

Sdjaquess                       Stephanie 24

Leigh203                          Leigh-Ann 27 

November 12th

MrsVidal                           Madelyn 29

cbjpl31                             Nicole 32

KellyLouise                       Kelly 24 

FLVintageBride                 Kendra 27

MrsCarroll.6-10-07            Amanda 30

Blonde151188                  Stefanie 20

Baby&MeMakes3             Jennie 30

November 13th

SilentC                            Daphne 29

mrskisses                        Kristen 23

mrolfe89                          Melissa 19

Ashley1113                     Ashley 20

MerriM                            Merri 28

SunnyinCowtown             Marisa 29

November 14th

CoriNGreg                        Cori 27

Pinkgirly                           Roxanne 24

KatieBier                          Katie 21

Meg07bride                     Meghan 28

sdc06                              Star 30

AlexandrasMom                Emily 31

November 15th

ashdonne                         Ashleigh 26

mb~zf                            Melissa 30

November 16th

Jamers125                       Jamie 28

LitlSara                           Sara 29

Chipsgal                          Ashley 22

MrM2008                         Abby 30

deegee84                        Erin 24

Kthaisz                             Kate 28

November 17th

Jensneb                           Jennifer 32

tebaa8                              Tia 26

bostonfingerlakes               Kelly 27

November 18th

Sheremy                          Sheri 27

Amanda&Chris                Amanda 28

wkatie                             Katie 31

November 19th

rissa66                             Marissa 29

kimesunshine                    Kim 29

ubergrrl                            Amanda 34

November 20th

pebbles0615                    Lauren 21

Heather1979                    Heather 29

Wakko                            Kelly 31

KimberlyJean                  Kimberly 25 

November 21st

sara_smile                      Sara 29

November 22nd

EBAM                            Elizabeth 30

MrsH_777                      Carolyn

Sophiet496                     Martha 34

Few                               Faith 29

amr                               Ann Marie

jdreams76                     Kelly 32

November 23rd

Short1882                       Jenn 26

katiesmiley                      Katie 28

MinnesotaMommy           Josie 31

November 24th


imavera                        Vera 22

 Novemeber 26th

LovingLife                        Kara 24

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Re: ~November Ninjas Wednesday Check In~

  • I have been walking as well. Nothing more then before.
  • I'm walking and riding the stationary bike while I read pregnancy books.  DH sends me out of the gym to cool off every once in a while and makes sure I'm hydrated.  I feel so dumb right now that I really can't be trusted to do it.
  • I'm continuing with my trainer in a regular kettlebell routine.  I'm also walking and running.  I'll be starting prenatal yoga in a couple of weeks as well.
  • I have been walking.. I was going to start riding my bike now that it is warm out, but then I was told that isnt allowed so now I am not. Oh and I forgot to every give you my age its 19.
  • Before my BFP I was going to the gym and running at least 4 times per week. Well, now I have slacked off, I am trying to lift some weights at least twice a week. I am not running much but doing a lot of speed walking and walking up on an  incline. I am just so tired by the time I get home from work. I want to work in some swimming once a week b/c that is such a great overall workout.Well see though..

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  • I was running about 15-20 miles a week and now I am just jogging/walking about 10. I have really been slacking. I think I am just a lot more tired and am milking that excuse. :)


  • i really didn't exercise before my BFP, but now that the weather is getting a little nicer i want to start walking and i'll be doing prenatal yoga
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  • I didn't do anything pre BFP and I'm not doing much now, just eating better. I bought a prenatal pilates DVD and I'm on the look out for a good prenatal yoga one too. I plan on starting these in 2 tri.
  • Hi, I'm new to this board and just emailed my info to be added.  I'm Joni, age 36.  This is my third but my DH's first child so we are pretty excited!

    I was terrible about excercising before this pregnancy and I'm doing nothing now either lol.  I am planning to start taking walks with the kiddos and DH now that the weather is already getting nicer here. 

  • Hi everyone!

     I hadn't been exercising much before my bfp so I'm trying to walk lots and I will also be doing some prenatal yoga and aquafit classes.

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  • Good morning ladies!?

    I'm really active anyway, so I'm just going to continue everything I usually do for as long as I can!

    Surfing, swimming, running, pilates, bicycling...

    I've heard multiple times that your labor and recovery are easier if you are active, so I'm not going to stop just because I'm pg! :)?

  • 2 weeks of the crappy flu kept me from exercising recently, but I've gotten back into my regular stuff.  I'll go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and yoga, hiking, or wii fit at home a couple more times a week if I can manage it.  Don't plan on changing my activity, though I haven't gotten the first trimester exhaustion yet, so we'll see. 



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  • Walking and coaching shot/discus.
    I haven't gone to the gym since my BFP. I've had some spotting issues which has made me a little paranoid even though there is no logical connection to the spotting and the gym.

    Second Tri I want to start the pg water aerobics and yoga classes at the Y.

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  • QOTD - What sorts of exercise are you doing? Is this different than what you did before your BFP?

    At the moment none only b/c I have been feeling so awful. But my DH and I usually take walks and I am going to start with yoga soon I think.

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  • I haven't been doing anything since my BFP.  Before that, I was working out with a trainer 2-3 times a week and doing pilates once a week.  Financially I can't swing the trainer right now and other stuff has been keeping me away from pilates but I'll be starting that back up this week. 

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  • I was not doing much excercise before my BFP, but I do intend to start getting some kind of excercise in (walking) and doing some prenatal yoga(offered at the Y). 
  • Happy Hump Day!

    I was doing quiet a bit of exercise before my BFP. I worked with a trainer, lifting twice a week and cardio 6 days a week. I've been slacking this week due to being so tired and can't get up in the am. But I'm going to try to keep up with cardio 3 to 4 times a week and maybe minimal weights. 


  • For now I walk at least 2 miles everyday with our dogs and i'm doing prenatal yoga too. I didn't exercise much more than walking the dogs before my BFP so i'm trying to stay healthy throughout this pregnancy so i don't balloon up. I hope you are all feeling well today and i look forward to keeping in touch with all of you throughout this process.


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  • Hi there--I'm also new, BFP today!--and just sent my email request to be added, expecting on Nov 20th. I've done walking/jogging, power yoga and hand weights. I'll probably just keep to walking and downgrade the yoga positions a bit, but definitely plan to keep fit as much as possible. Unfortunately there aren't any prenatal yoga classes in our area but I will use videos to make sure I'm doing modifications correctly.
    ~Mary & Mike~
    August 18, 2007



  • Right now I am working out as normal.  4-5 days a week weights and running or eliptical.  Now that the weather is getting nicer I will take the running outside.

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  • Right now all I'm doing is walking to the toilet to puke.  When I feel better I'll do yoga and walking
  • Good morning! Because I wasn't doing a whole lot of strenuous exercise before my BFP (shame on me!), now is apparently not the best time to start. I'm going on walks with my husband and eating a lot healthier for now, and once our neighborhood pool opens up, I'll try to do some swimming.
  • add me, please!

    amanda, edd: 11/19/09

    qotd:  i have a $90/month gym membership i'm paying for and don't use... so i guess it's time to start.  a few months ago i was going twice a day and doing treadmill, elliptical, and weights.

  • dnhdnh
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    add me please...just sent you an email...thanks!
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  • Happy Hump Day, Ninjas! I used to go to the gym 3-4x/wk and take cardio and strengthening classes. I stopped going 1 week before I got my BFP coz I was feeling lazy. I just went back yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 20 mins, did some upper body weights. H and I have also been taking walks around the neighborhood.
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  • I live right next to a park, so I'm going to try and take a walk around it every day. I used to do it fairly frequently, but not every day.
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  • I have been walking lots and swimming a couple times a week.  About the same as before.  Tonight my girlfirend and I are trying prenatal yoga!
  • Well, I'm now getting over the worst cold I've had in at least a decade, so I haven't worked out for almost a week.  Prior to that, I was working out just as often, but with much lower intensity.  I run about 3-4 days a week, do elliptical 1-2 days a week, and do yoga once a week.  I always take one day a week off.
  • No excersie for me whats so ever. I am extremely tired when I get home from work. All I want to do is lay down and relax. Hopefully soon I can do something.

    I lost 5lbs. this week. Is this normal?

  • before the bfp I was working out about 4x week with cardio and weights. I have been continuing my same routine, basing what I do on how I feel. Only difference is that I am lifting lighter weights than before.
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