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Night Sickness


I am 5 weeks pregnant and have started experiencing nausea and vomitting before bed and throughout the night along with sweating one minute and shivering cold the next...I called my RE today and he prescribed "premesis" and told me to take unisom before bed to help sleep.

?Has anyone had similar symptoms or been prescribed??the same medication????

Also if anyone has any home remedies I would love to hear them.?


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Re: Night Sickness

  • Most of my nausea/puking is at night.  Premesis didn't work for me- it's just a B vitamin.  I never tried unisom but zofran worked wonders for me.

    I started trying to eat a big dinner when I felt good (around 6 or 7 pm) and I took my vitamins then as opposed to before bed.  I try to eat for as long as I can to get my stomach really full.  That helps me stay asleep and not wake up queasy.

  • I have no MS just night sickness.  I've found the later and later I eat the better.  Lately I've been making a snack before bed, then setting an alarm to wake myself up at 3am to eat it.  Sucks, but waking up from wanting to vomit all the time is worse...
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  • dnhdnh
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    The 3am trick sounds like a good idea. I am going to leave some crackers by bed and try that tonight thanks!
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  • I find myself getting sick moreso at night as well. I feel nauseated throughout the morning and afternoon as well and find it really hard to bring myself to eat anything. Even dry toast makes me want to throw up. So because of the nauseated feeling all day I cannot really seem to eat anything. Yesterday I had 2 pieces of toast and 2 pieces of watermelon and that was it. I am able to drink fluids and am thirsty ALL the time. I cannot wait to get out of the first trimester and get rid of this morning, noon, and night sickness! Stick out tongue



  • I too have been feeling really sick to my stomach at night.  I try to eat earlier in the evening and eat really bland carbs before I go to bed as well as take my pre-natal vitamin before I go to bed...I actually find that taking my vitamin before bed maks me feel better! 

    I have terrible night sweats but I haven't found a cure for that yet!Devil

    Good luck!

  • I have all that but I'm not taking anything.

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