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(Clicky) POLL: How did you come to SAH?

I love and appreciate all the diversity on this board and it seems we have new participants nearly every day asking similar questions about SAH so, I thought I'd do a poll about how we all got here.

Pick the one that BEST desribes you or pick "other" and reply to explain if you want to.  


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Re: (Clicky) POLL: How did you come to SAH?

  • Other - got the phone call that I was laid off when DD2 was two weeks old.  My coworker actually told me through Meebo that our department was on 'the list' 20 minutes before DH and DD1 came to pick us up from the hospital.
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  • My DH and I moved from CA to NH in the summer of 2006 for his job.  We had a long talk about finances, and he knew I wasn't happy working.  We wanted someone to stay home with our someday kids, and that I was the better candidate for that.  When we moved, I just never looked for another job.  I got our house in order and then kept it that way.  When I got pregnant, it was just icing on the cake!
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  • honestly, i hated my job.  was looking for a new one when i found out i was pg.  made sense to stick it out and just not go back after baby.  i enjoy being home, but do plan on working again in the next couple yrs. 
  • I voted "Other" because I'm a combo of the answers.  I always wanted to be a SAHM because my mom SAH with us, but when I was PG I thought I would be OK with working PT.  I went back for 8 weeks after an 8 week maternity leave and hated it...I cried every time I went to work. It was also really hard on me because I wanted to EBF, but couldn't pump much out at work.  So, I decided to quit, even though it would mean losing my RN licensure.  But, my manager ended up offering me the opportunity to work one 12-hr shift per month.  So, I get to keep my license and be a SAHM!  Someday, when my youngest is in school, I plan to return to work as a Nurse Practitioner.
  • childcare is so darned expensive, even if i went back to work full time somewhere there's no way the amount i would take home after paying for everything would even begin to be worth it, even *before* taking into account things like missing out on being the one to raise your child!
  • I call myself a SAHM even though I work part time(mostly evenings). I only work about 15 hrs a week. I work at Old Navy which is great b/c I get clothing discounts and it is where I was full time before DD. They have been really great to me and who doesn't love an employee discount?!

     It was our plan that I would stay home after DD b/c daycare and gas for commuting(about 45 min each way) would have eaten up a good part of my salary. My job wasn't  8a-5p either I would close the store a couple times a week and that wouldn't work with hubby's job and daycare hours. I only commute about 15min to the Old Navy I work at now. The downfall about leaving my full time job was dropping great health care. My hubby is a sub contractor so we had to get independent health care.

  • I am a SAHM because I could not find a job when we moved here.  We are military and the base DH was sent to is in an area that has very poor employment opportunities. 

    I love my little one and am glad that I am home with her though. 

  • I didn't plan on it.  I had my DD and planned to go back to work when she was 7mo.  I had the daycare and everything.  Then, I got pregnant again and sick again and that stopped that plan.

    Then, I crunched some numbers and discovered that between daycare and commuting costs, plus bumping us into a new tax bracket and losing a variety of credits and deductions, it wouldn't be worth my time - and I was an attorney making decent money.  

    I started to focus more on my real estate career, which required less daycare and less commuting.  Got pregnant with #3, on the pill.  

    So, now, I'm home, on "bedrest" (ya...with 2 kids).  I'm referral only, so I'm not really working, but if I get a lead, I get 25% of the commission.  

    I plan to do back to real estate next spring.  I do want to work.  But, with the cost of daycare and commuting and taxes, the money I'd take home wouldn't off-set the stress of it all, so my going back to life as a lawyer isn't likely to happen.

  • I am a SAHM because I got laid-off. 

    I like the time with DS but am starting to get very stressed out about the finances.  4 months and counting and the job hunt is getting worse instead of better.


  • I always imagined myself being a SAHM at some point, but always planned on working up until the end of pregnancy. I was laid off in December and got PG in February and will probably SAH during pregnancy since there aren't any jobs in my field and not sure I could find something short term.
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  • I always thought I would be a work outside the home mom until my DH and I were discussing things before we got married and I realized that I didn't HAVE to work to be a good wife. ?He also agreed that it would be best for us if I were a SAHM.
  • We moved and decided it would be best for me to SAH instead of hunt for a new job.  I'll be going back, at least part-time, when the kiddo starts school next year.

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