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Stroller test drive made me even more confused.

So up until yesterday, I pretty much thought a stroller was a stroller. Boy was I wrong. We wet to BRU to check out some stuff and started test driving the strollers. I have no idea which one to get. I think we liked the Graco Quatrro the best, but there was just so much to take in.?

Re: Stroller test drive made me even more confused.

  • I agree, it's almost overwhelming with the amount of selection there is. We're planning on going next week once we find out what we're having. But having looked online at reviews, i'm hoping the stroller we like is as good as it sounds...we liked the graco utopia.


  • I actually never really test drove strollers for my first pregnancy.  I relied more on friends' recommendations, Baby Bargains and actually even asked people on the street when I saw a stroller about what they liked or didn't like about it.   (I went with the Bugaboo because I lived in the city and it's such a great choice for that lifestyle, but now that I have moved to the suburbs and need a double stroller that folds fairly easily to fit in a car, I've gone back to asking around again and think I'll get the Bumbleride Indie Twin.)  I don't think there is anything wrong with test drives, but I also think it might help you to really ask around to other moms you know what they like and don't like about their strollers, with the recognition that where you live matters.  Do you need all terrain tires for sidewalks or something more suitable for a mall?  Will you keep the stroller assembled in the garage for quick walks, or will you be folding it in and out of a car?  Do you want a snack tray?  I'm thinking it's cold in WI - what are the ratings for your stroller's rain shield, sun canopy, insulating fabric?
  • We're also going with a Graco Quattro.  here's how we made our decision:  we started with carseatdata.com to figure out which car seat would fit best in our cars.  Turns out it was the Graco SungRide.  Then we looked at the travel systems.  DH liked the Quattro because it was a one hand operation to close and it doesn't slam the snack tray on the ground like another Graco that we saw (I can't remember the style).  We also decided that we wanted the regular SnugRide and not the SnugRide 32.  The 32 was so much heavier...I couldn't beleive it!  Almost everyone we know said their kiddos out grew the infant seat before they outweighed it.

    Hope that helps.

  • yea there are a gazillion diff types~ i actually brought my bff to BRU w/ me so that she could give me advice on stuff~ she recommended a lighter travel system because some are heavy and akward (so we actually folded it up and picked it up in the store to see how it worked)... the stroller i picked out was very light to pick up (so when i put it in the back of the car, i won't have to strain)..and it was very light to turn (i could actually turn the stroller w/ one hand with her 2 1/2 yr old son in it)... there was also a lot of storage space below the stroller so that will work well for outtings to the mall and such (the diaper bag fit nicely underneath)... the car seat was very easy to click in and out of the base as well which was important to me (i dont wanna struggle w/ it) and the handle is just a plain U shape which my friend explained seems to be the best because the Z shape tends to hurt after a while when you are lugging the baby around in it!

    so we are getting the chicco cortina keyfit 30 travel system in adventure

  • We pushed a few around and lifted the baby carriers - and found the Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 to be the best one for us! ?Later on we're getting a 3 wheeled Jeep all-terrain for hiking, etc., but I think this Chicco will be perfect for us and for all that we do. ?I really hated all the other strollers - and the other carriers were too frigging heavy!
  • Thanks ladies.?

    We have done a bunch of research in both baby bargains and with my friends. Honestly, left me even more confused.?

    As far as car seats go, we really do like the SnugRide and it has awesome ratings.

    The part to me that was the most confusing was that on the Quattro each one had a different price, but they all seemed the same. What's up with that??

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