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Who has taken a 7+ hr road trip with DC?

We are thinking about taking a trip to visit family, but I'm not really sure the best plan. It's 7.5 hours on normal time. No telling how long that is on Baby Time. I know if we drive during the day DD will not be chill for that long.

Has anyone driven overnight? Or left out super-early (like 4-5)? I was even thinking about making it 2 days, but that might be overkill and we don't want to waste DH's vacation days.


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Re: Who has taken a 7+ hr road trip with DC?

  • We drove a 15 hour trip straight through when DD was 6 mos. We left at 11 pm and drove through the night. DD slept all night as usual then woke up at her normal AM time. We stopped for breakfast then and fed her so she was our of her seat for a while. Then we were able to drive the rest of the way without stopping.
  • We've done it both ways-overnight and day time. Once we left late evening,around 7:30 pm and it SUCKED. We were about 45 minutes from home at 3:30am (the trip took way longer than it should have) and DD was awake, tired, and ready to be out of her car seat. I would recommend leaving around 4 or 5 am so you have daylight to travel, easier to stop places, walk around, get out of the car if need be and still get where  you are going at a reasonable hour.
  • Haha...I can't take a 7+ hour road trip with DH without him going "OHMYGAWD!!! This is SOOOOOO long!!!" :-)
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  • We just took DS on a 6.5 hour car ride. We left around 11am, just in time for his 1st nap. He slept for 2 hours. We got out for lunch for an hour, he played with toys in his carseat and took another nap. We just kept him entertained with toys, and scacks and he did great!! GL!!
  • We did a 12 hour trip with no problems. He'd get a little antsy here and there and fuss, but it wasn;t a screamfest or anything. He generally likes car rides. He slept a good bit, and I'd rotate his toys everytime we stopped so he;d have something new to play with.
  • Benjamin HATES the carseat.  So we left at bedtime and drove until we were ready to fall asleep.  We then stopped at a cheapie hotel and slept.  We got up in the morning and left at his first nap time.  Basically he slept almost the entire time in the car :-)
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  • we've done 6 hours with DS a couple of times (had to travel for work).  we leave around 3:30am, so that he sleeps most of the way.  he's a morning baby, so he's generally still content for awhile after he wakes up. 
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  • We drove 8 hours to ohio. It took longer than normal because I had to stop and nurse DS. He did really well thought. We left early in the morning and he prettymuch slept through most of it. I would do it in one day. The second day your DD might now what coming and hate it more
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  • We have taken an 8 hour trip 4 times now.  We bought a portable DVD player but haven't really had to use it.  He sleeps part of the time and plays the rest.  We have driven at different times and he has been fine every time.
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  • I know what you mean about not wanting to waste DH vacation days, they are precious and too few as it is. We left later in the evening so as he would only be awake in the car for about 1hr. That's all he could handle anyway. Drove all night ( 9 hr trip ). So much easier than on the way back which we left mid day. DS was NOT happy and it made it so long since we had to stop more often for sessions out of the car.?
  • My family lives about 10 hours away and we drove there for Christmas.  We left at about 11pm and drove straight through.  DS did pretty well.  He slept most of the time, woke up and fussed a couple times, but went back to sleep pretty quickly.
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