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Best Breast Pump?

I don't regularly post here, so any advice given is greatly appreciated!   I tried breastfeeding DD unsuccessfully and switched to formula.   With this new baby I want to try breast feeding and pumping.  I want her to get as much breast milk for as long as possible.  I'm told I need a really good breast pump - any recs?

Re: Best Breast Pump?

  • I would recommend the freestyle. It looks awesome. I have a medela and it is fine, but big and bulky. Good for you trying again!
  • I encourage you to google open system versus closed system pumps. It might make a lot of difference to you. Also, you don't really need a fancy, heavy duty pump unless your EPing or working.

    I use the Lansinoh Double Electric. Right now I'm working 8 to 8 just about every day, and the Lansinoh is definitely keeping up with me. I love that no milk can get in the tubing because I wouldn't have time to clean that out. It's minimally noisy. You can pump into any standard size bottle - again a plus when you don't have time to wash bottles.  It doesn't come with a tote, but I found a cute one that I like for a few dollars. It can also be either battery operated or a/c - the battery is just as powerful as plugged in. I highly recommend it.

    However, I would also encourage you to leave it in the box unopened until your baby is a few weeks old. You won't need to pump then anyway, and if it doesn't work... you can take it back or craigslist it.

  • Ditto the Lansinoh! I was given another single pump when DD was born, but it crapped out on me. I think it was the Avent ISIS. I went out and got the Lansinoh and it's been great!! It's gotten a ton of rave reviews. GL!
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  • I had an Ameda Purely Yours I used till I weaned DD at 10.5 months.  I really believe I got my moneys worth out of it and it kept up with me pumping.  Although, I did have it die on me twice and had to get a replacement.  Their customer service is awesome, and the shipping was fast.  I think it just might have been a fluke.  With the next baby I might try a Medela, but not sure.  I loved how with the Ameda the milk didn't get into the tubes and that it was very lightweight.  Although when I was in the hospital and had to pump they let me use their Medela and I loved the let-down feature, but I believe it has a lot more parts to clean.  Either Medela or Ameda are high quality pumps!  GL!!
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  • Also, I would probably recommend buying a manual pump for quick trips or for the chance you would need a replacement part or motor.  You can usually get the Avent Isis Manual (which I used and loved) for about $15-$20.
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  • I use the Medela Freestyle and LOVE it. ?The?rechargeable?battery works great, even when it is on only one "bar". ?I had supply problems and the pump worked great for me. Being able to adjust the level of suction is really helpful and it is extremely portable and easy to use. ?Plus the hands free aspect is wonderful as I can do other things while I am pumping. ?You aren't really all that mobile, but you can pay bills, be on line, talk on the phone, etc.
  • Medela PISA is your only choice
  • I love my Medela PISA and their customer service is awesome.
  • Medela Freestyle is fantastic.?
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