Babies: 9 - 12 Months

How long will/did you BF?

I'm made it almost 6 months (huge milestone) so my next goal is, one day at a time, to continue to BF/pump toward one year.  

Do many women BF beyond one year? At what age do you plan to (or did already) wean your baby? Thx!

Re: How long will/did you BF?

  • Quit pumping at 12 weeks.

  • I think we're going to make it to a year!  I can't believe we're this close already.  Once she's a year, I'm going to stop pumping and wean during the day, but keep up mornings and nights for a while (as long as I want to/can or she wants to).
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  • I'm an EPer and will pump as long as my body lets me or 1 year, whichever comes first. :)
  • I hope to BF around 2 years, but definitely for at least a year. I'd like her to self-wean, which definitely isn't happening anytime soon as far as I can tell. She's still pretty dependent on BFing to sleep.
  • I plan to start dropping pumping sessions at one year (almost there!)  When we are together I will still nurse.  I'm thinking that I would like to allow DD to nurse at least once/day (probably before bed) as long as she wants, or until 3 years, but who knows how all that will play out - my short term plan is that in just a few weeks I will go from 3 pumping sessions per day down to 2 (and, obviously, eventually down to none). 
  • We started weaning at 8 months and were finished completely at 9 months. I had originally planned to go for 1 year, but literally overnight, when DS turned 8 months I just woke up one morning and decided it was time to stop. He was too distracted and was hardly ever nursing anyway.
  • I stopped at 10wks. I used pumped BM with formula for another 2wks until he was on just formula.

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  • I plan to for a year.
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  • I wanted to bf till 1 year (at least) but I had supply issues.?

    I made it to about 6 months (the last month was mostly pumping since ds slowly refused to nurse more and more). ?

  • I hope/plan to until DS is 1. This new surprise pregnancy is kind of throwing me off. I'll have to take it one day at a time now.
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  • I am still bfing at 9 months, 1 week. ?I work so I pump while I'm there. ?I plan on pumping until she is one and then letting her self ween after that. ?I don't see us going past 18 months though. ?I work and am away from the house too much for that. ?

    Congrats on making it this far. ?You are one of only 17% of mothers that do.?

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  • My initial plan was 1 year.  We had a few little supply issues that worked themselves out and we're still going strong.  I'm with DD 24/7 and really suck at pumping so who knows how things will go when I go back to work (though she should be able to make it 5 hours w/o nursing).  I hope to TTC when DD turns 2 and I'm not sure about BFing while pregnant so if she decides to stop by then, fine.  If not, we'll take it one day at a time. 
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  • I nursed dd till she was 10.5 months.  At that point she was only nursing twice at night and sometimes once.  I just finally weaned her.  I really wanted to make it to a year but I believe 10.5 month is really great too!
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  • We are still going strong and I plan to until we get pregnant again sometime the end of 09... but if he's not ready to wean I will continue to give him what he needs.?
  • I plan to quit pumping at work at a year.  I will probably keep the morning and before bed nursing sessions for a little bit after that and slowly wean completely.
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  • I will give him the option of self-weaning until 2 years, at which point I will wean him.  I don't expect he will last that long.  I think that, realistically, he will wean sometime around 18 months. He is very attached to his morning and bedtime feedings, and he still really likes to nurse for naps.


    ETA: I pump twice at work and go nurse him at lunch now.  He often doesn't nurse at lunch anymore - he prefers to play with me.  I will continue to pump and offer to nurse at lunch until he self-weans (or 2 years).

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