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Will I ever sleep again?

What is up with 7 month old DD getting up at 3 and refusing to sleep until 5 AM? ?I can't let her sit in her crib and cry, she won't nurse back to sleep and she just wants to play. ?Why, oh why won't she sleep? ?She takes plenty of naps and goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

Re: Will I ever sleep again?

  • How many naps does she take?  At 7 mo., DD was taking 2/3 naps a day.  Up at 7, nap at 9:30 to 10.  Nap at 12:30 to 2:30.  If she didn't take a good nap, then she had a cat nap about 4:30 (30 minutes at the most).  Then bed at 7.  Maybe she's just getting too much sleep??  GL!
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  • Might only be a stage. DS went through this for 2 weeks. Nights are getting much better in our home. We co-slept up until 1 month ago and now have him in his crib for the most part. I'm just now finally getting used to sleeping longer stretches and actually waking up semi-sane now-a-days. But still, all it takes is teething to throw things off. I bet she'll soon be in another phase... all the sleep stuff keeps us mommas on our toes, eh?
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