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I wish I could get DS on a schedule

DS will be on a the same schedule for a few days and then if we are not home and are out somewhere, he will be thrown off.

Just in the last 2 days, all of his naps have been about 1 hour. His morning nap used to be at least 2 hours...but you never knew how long it was going to be. So that made it hard tp have a set schedule.

If he keeps doing the 1 hour nap, 3 times a day, I think we can work on it. However, the thing that causes a problem is that he can still only be awake for 2 hours before needing a nap.

So, he just woke up from his 3rd nap (it is 4 PM here). So, by 6 he will be sleepy again. The problem is that I can't let him nap that late b/c then he will not go to bed until 9 (if he naps for 1 hour). Yesterday, he woke up at 5:15 from his last nap, but we were out grocery shopping, so his 2nd nap was a little later. That worked out good b/c we started bedtime routine around 7. (we usually start it b/t 7 and 7:30)

 If he could stay awake for more than 2 hours it wouldn't be a problem!

Re: I wish I could get DS on a schedule

  • I have the same problem with DS. He will only stay awake for 1.5-2 hours at a time. We did Ferber and now he is FINALLY sleeping through the night. Since we have that down we started doing a lose schedule with him. I nurse him after he wakes, then he plays, then naps.

    Yesterday and today his last nap will end at an awkward time (he'll wake around 5 and sleeps around 8). That is a really long stretch for him. What I do is just keep playing with him. Making him laugh, sing, dance, play with the dogs, anything to keep him entertained as long as possible so he will last that last hour. When I know he is getting too tired I will start his bath routine. It worked great yesterday and we'll see how it goes today. Good luck!

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  • Well though it's not fun, I made the commitment awhile ago to work everything around nap times. To be at home so DS could sleep soundly in his bed. I don't know if this is a possibility for you but to do so as often as possible will really help, I think. My mantra to all my friends and to myself (when I was dying to get out and accomplish errands, etc.) "Naptime is sacred".?
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