BF and solids at 10 mo.??

Should I BF my little one before solid meals? I've been feeding her solids in between BF time and she's doing ok with solids but isn't a huge eater so far. I'm curious how others do it? Thanks!

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Re: BF and solids at 10 mo.??

  • DS has a "meal" (oatmeal with a fruit mixed in) in the morning at day care, replacing one bottle.  He also has yogurt during the day, but still has 2 bottles while at day care.  At night I nurse when we get home, give him some solids...usually a vegetable and some crackers.  Then we nurse before bed.  He nurses a couple times during the night and in the morning before day care.

    We started solids at 6 months and I don't think DS really became interested until about 8 months-ish.  Recently, he has been really interested and cries when the food is gone.  I am following his cues and feed him more, if he wants.  I don't want to "limit" what he is getting, but would like BM to be at least 50% of his calories for the first year.  I plan to continue to BF in the morning and night until DS is 2.  But, like I said, I am following DS's cues and plans may change.  Hope that helps!

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  • I'm still trying to get this down too.  I nurse DS before leaving for work, then he has breakfast (cereal and fruit) and a bottle, lunch (veggie) and a bottle, a bottle in the afternoon, I nurse him when I get home at 5 and then give him supper around 6.  Then I nurse him before bed and usually once in the middle of the night.  The day time feedings are kind of random still.

    So really, I do both...before or after.  He is still drinking a lot of breastmilk...I'm working on getting him on more solids.  We still aren't on a strict schedule, like pp said, I feed him when he is hungry.  Sometimes he eats solids better if he has nursed before.

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  • I always nursed before solids, but I also had no plans to wean close to 1 year.  Giving solids before nursing can be a weaning technique.  My goal was to make it to at least 2 years.

    Our schedule at 9-10 months was:

    6am - nurse
    9am - nurse or bottle at daycare
    noon - nurse
    1pm - solids (usually jar food plus some table foods or finger foods)
    3:30pm - nurse
    6:00pm - nurse
    6:30pm - solids (jar plus table foods)
    8:30pm - nurse
    midnight - nurse
    3am - nurse

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  • I also mainly nurse... this way I know he's covered for a well balanced nutrient rich meal. Still, I would love for DS to eat more solids. His interest in them has actually declined recently. I do nurse him first and then wait about half hour to then give him solids.?
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