2nd Trimester

frustrated with long maternity jeans!

Anyone else have this problem?

I'm 5'11" and have athletic legs, so it's hard for me to a: find a pair of jeans long enough (even the longs aren't long enough from ON!) and b: find a pair of jeans that aren't skin tight on my legs! I'm not having this trouble with dress pants - JUST jeans!!

Anyone else? I'm getting frustrated because it's still chilly around here and I would like some comfy jeans!!

Re: frustrated with long maternity jeans!

  • I can't even imagine.. I'm 5'4 and even I feel like I can't find long enough jeans (but 'long' is too long for me!).. MH calls my maternity jeans floods lol

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  • See, last time I had the opposite problem.  I found that the Gap long jeans fit fine, but had a hard time with dress pants.
  • I'm 5'4" and I think my ON "regular" maternity jeans are almost a little short on me, so you must be having a really hard time! I'm having the exact opposite problem with the finding jeans that fit my legs though. Apparently I have bird legs because all of the jeans I've tried on are baggy, especially around my butt.
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  • I have the complete opposite problem.  I'm 5'2 and all of the maternity jeans are way too long.  Even with my heels the pants still drag on the floor.  I bought these jeans at Motherhood.  Have you tried them?
  • yes, and I am only 5'7". the ON longs work ok for me but as for Motherhood jeans....forget it.  Motherhood thinks that only women 5' 4" and under get pg.
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  • I am having the same problem...sorry no advice though.
  • Sorry, I have the opposite issue. I'm only 5'2 so everything is always too long on me!
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  • I have the opposite problem, I'm 5'1 so all of my pants are super long. My jeans I just roll over once, which is what I've always had to do but I have a pair of cargo type pants from motherhood and they are seriously about a foot too long! Good Luck finding pants that actually fit!

  • I had the same issues with old navy, GAP has some Long and Lean maternity jeans that worked much better for me, they are really long.
  • I'm having the same problem and I'm only 5'8. I did get a pair of super stretchy long jeans from motherhood and they seem to be good. I bought a pair of khakis from there though that shrunk so bad they look like a pair of capris! I guess at least I will have something to wear in the spring :)
  • I'm with you! I'm 6 ft tall and a fitness instructor/former athlete. I've found several sites that I heard where good that I'm going to order jeans from. I will attach them below. Also, where are you getting your dress pants from. I got some from Gap that I'm going to take the hem out of. I have to have a 35.5/36 inseam. Hope this helps! Smile





  • I am the same way! I am 5'11" and am currently wearing the shortest "long" jeans ever!  The one pair I have found that I love (and of course only come in one color) are these from the gap, but even they are a little shorter than my normal jeans. But they are cut a little more relaxed in the butt/thigh area. Its so super frustrating!




  • I'm also 5'11, and I bought a pair of Paige maternity jeans on sale.  I think the inseam is about 35-36" which I really need.  I love them!

    My sister (5'8) sent me her maternity clothes, with jeans from Motherhood and Gap...they are way too short.  I might wear them cuffed this spring, pretend they're capris.  I plan on wearing a lot of skirts/dresses soon!

  • ugh. I keep having to roll my pants up they are way too long! They also fall off my butt, I hate my jeans...
  • I am 5'7" and having trouble finding jeans and dress pants long enough, I can't imagine the trouble that you are having! I swear its like they think the only people that get pregnant are under 5'3". Someone told me to try Old Navy, does anyone know if they come longer?
  • I'm 5'6" and have only bought pants at motherhood, because I could try them on first!  Glad I went that route because I ended up being able to get a smaller size than I thought I'd need, but my jeans are so long I am constantly walking on the bottoms...jeans are a pain in the butt anyways...have you tried just wearing your normal jeans with a bella band?  or maybe altering your jeans and putting the panel in some jeans you have now?  :)  Hopefully something works!

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  • I'm having a hard time finding anything that fits.  I'm only 5 foot, so everything is too long.  So I have to get everthing hemed.  The dress pants I can do myself, but the jean I don't trust myselft with.  So I have to spend and extra $10 to have them shortened.  I'm a 28 in. inseam!!  Then to top it all off, the only places I find that carry my size, are ON or the Gap.  GERRR!  Maybe I can send you my extra fabric, and you can add it on to your pants!!  Big Smile

    I'd try the long and lean from Gap though.....they might fit.  Other than that, sorry I have to suggestions.

  • Thanks, ladies! I was able to buy some cute stretchy black dress pants at Motherhood -- size large -- that are super relaxed fit in the leg/hip and long enough. (just don't dry them!)

    I also found another pair of pants at JCP - they're cuffed, so in case they shrink, or I have trouble, I'll let the cuff out. I've been trying to go that route to add an inch or two.

    Ah, the perils of being tall and long legged (and an athlete - no bird legs here!!)  :)

    I did get some cute Gap pants that are cuffed, regular length, but I'll wear as capris. THey're on sale now and my dear SIL bought them for me. Super cute AND better yet, super comfy!!

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