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Feeling very pregnant one day, not so much the next day

I have had several days of pregnancy symptons - boobs are bigger, slight cramp-like pain and pull in muscles, need to eat every hour, frequently thirty, a frequent desire to pee, slight nausea, fatigue, sleepy, some pressure in my uterus, etc. but there are days, such as today, where I am feel normal - no symptons at all. Is this normal?  Has anyone experienced the same?

It happened to me last week, I was experiencing all these symptons and for two days in a row I felt normal (I must say it felt great!) but at the same time, I wonder if it is normal to feel normal from time to time while you are on your first trimester?

Re: Feeling very pregnant one day, not so much the next day

  • Everybody is different - you might just be lucky enough to get a reprieve every few days!   Enjoy it!
  • I had two great days last week.... and then was violently ill on the third. It goes up and down but I agree that it is creepy when you don't "feel" anything.
  • Most of the time the biggest break I get is a "feel good" moment of maybe 2-3 hours at most and thats it. I did have a random day where most of the day I felt pretty good. I soon forget about those days when I wake up in the middle of the night with aching boobs and the overactive bladder reaching for my sea bands.

  • i know im not even 6 weeks yet but the same thing happens to me. i tend to feel more pregnant at night. this is my second pregnancy and with my first i didnt really get the symtoms until about 7 weeks. i know its hard because i am just waiting to feel more pregnant but just because you dont feel as pregnant as others doesnt mean anything except your lucky! :) relax and enjoy the times where you feel normal :) just wait til the third trimester you will really feel prego then!
  • Hi! We have very close due dates! I am on the 24th!


    Yes- I have great days, and then I have horrible days.. each day is completely different! enjoy the good ones!


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  • I had the same thing.. yesterday was awesome.. and of course I just worried.. it came back a little this evening.. now I am not sure I missed it :)?


    Dont panic :) ?

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