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When do you plan on having your nursery finished and ready for baby?

I want to know if I am being pregnant crazy right now or if you all feel the same way.  I would like to have the nursery painted and ready by May. That is two months before I am due. Am I just driving my husband mad or do you feel that is reasonable?

Re: When do you plan on having your nursery finished and ready for baby?

  • I'm hoping it's finished sometime between now and when the baby leaves for college.  My husband doesn't want me painting anything because of the fumes but he won't do it himself.
  • Mine will be completed sometime in late June/early July, I think.  We are putting an addition on our house, so we don't even have a room yet.

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  • We registered for some things for the nursery, so we won't be finished until after my shower (6 weeks before due date).
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    I'm hoping it's finished sometime between now and when the baby leaves for college.? My husband doesn't want me painting anything because of the fumes but he won't do it himself.

    HA hilarious.

    You can get low VOC paints that are in no way toxic to you or to hubby. Tell him to get over it already.

    We're not starting the nursery until probably just after the baby is born I'm guessing. ?My step son will be leaving for university in the fall and we'll be putting the baby in his room. No rush. Bassinet will do.?

  • I always want to be prepared. As soon as we know what we're having I want the nursery finished ASAP. Somewhere around 25 to 30 weeks.
  • We don't plan to have the nursery finished until about 3 months after the baby is due. The baby will be in the bedside basinette until then so there is no rush for us. I would like to paint in June or July though if I have help (Due August)
  • We will probably finish sometime in June.  Who knows I might get inspired and finish early but I enjoy working on it little by little.
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  • We have all the major stuff done like painting and furniture is ordered or already in the room. We'll finish after the showers.
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  • We're starting to move furniture around between office/guestroom and future nursery this weekend.  I don't anticipate the nursery being totally finished until after our showers, though (maybe June? July?).  We'll register for a lot of the decor and the bedding and things. 

    My mom freaked me out about this.  My older brother was 4 weeks early and she said she was so overwhelmed because she didn't have the nursery done, didn't have clothes bought, any diapers, etc.  I want to be prepared well in advance in case my DC makes an early appearance!

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  • i think its a bit ridiculous to want the nursery done 2 months in advance.  we currently have the nursery cleared out and painted.  now we are doing work little by little as we have time.  we registered for the bedding and my shower isn't until 35w so we won't have bedding until then (if we get it as a present) or later (if we go buy it ourselves).  i hope to have the nursery complete by the time i'm 36-37w along. 
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  • I'm not sure when our nursery is actually going to be totally done but we already have walls painted and all of our furniture (we still need to put it together) so I guess It will be probably close to ready in like a month.... 2 months before our baby gets here, you should totally get started so you'll have plenty of time to get it done, but don't stress too much about it! that will only give you hearthburn!! LOL
  • You are great for getting things ready early.  I have three months left, and we only have the crib together.  We are not painting, just adding decals because we are in a new house.   Just think that the more you get ready now, the less you guys will have to do in the end.  Good luck!
  • We're going to work at it slowly, next weekend we're moving the office to the basement, then we'll paint, then put up new blinds, then we're re-carpeting the whole main floor... as long as there's a crib up by week 36 I think i'll be fine, but I picture us being done by week 36-38.
  • Right now we have the crib and the bedding...along with some wall letters and some prints.  We start painting the room sometime this week hopefully (weather permitting, we want to have the windows open).  We will also pick up the changing table when it comes in, also hopefully this week (we got a rain check).  The rest will come after my shower at 32 weeks (April 19th), so end of April/early May is when it should be done or almost close. 
  • I am hopeing we can get started on this very soon! There is a strong possibilty that I will end up on bedrest & that I may deliver a bit early (37ish weeks) so I am hoping to have it done early July, at least the big things. Babe will be in our room for the first few months anyways I just think it will be hard to work on something like the nursery once my attention is turned to baby. My mom i splanning my shower early but MIL is throwing her own & waiting ridiculously late so I will be waiting for soem stuff still probably till late July.


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  • We started on ours a couple weeks ago, but are moving at a snail's pace. Got the room cleaned out, got the chair rail up, and decided on the color going below (gender neutral). We hope to have the painting done in a couple weeks, we are ordering our furniture in May, but I don't see us finishing the room until late July or August after our showers (35ish weeks).?
  • As soon as possible, but it probably won't be until at least 34w.  The room was painted before I got pregnant.  We have the dresser and glider, the crib was ordered (today!), and the rug is ordered.  My mom is working on the bedding.  Once all that stuff is in place I'll try to get all the finishing touches done.  The crib will be the limiting factor - they said 8-12 weeks for delivery but hopefully it won't take that long. 
  • I'm aiming to have it done by Memorial Day.  Which is about a month before I'm due.  Right now we are gettin new windows, new carpet, a ceiling fan, and painting.  Then after my shower we'll decorate.
  • At this point hopefully before I go into labor.

    Although we did clear a major item out of the room that we are switching to today, and managed to sort through some papers and crap. So it's getting there slowly. I told DH we need to have our room switched over within the next 3-4 weeks. I'm thinking it will get cleared before then, but I don't have ANYTHING for the nursery yet, so we'll see

  • i'd like to have mine done by my shower date, which is may 2nd. (i'm due 7/8/09). reason being is we'll hopefully have my MIL in town, and a friend or two, and i'd like them to be able to see it. plus, i just want to get it done before i'm too far along, super huge and uncomfortable.
  • Not even starting it until after baby's born.
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  • I'd like to have mine done by the end of May, which is about 6 weeks before my due date.

  • I registered for bedding, wall hangings, name for wall, and other nursery items, so my nursery will not be finished until after my shower but I hope to have nursery painted and crib and dresser up by may. 
  • I think that's reasonable. You never know what is going to happen. You are going to keep getting bigger and more uncomfortable. It's best to get it taken care of so you don't have to worry about it.
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  • the actual room is ready besides the closet... now we just need some furniture and accessories... but it will be june (shower is first weekend of june) before everything is done. 
  • Well..I started mine around 22 weeks thinknign I was crazy to start so soon; however, when I was put on bedrest at 26 weeks and everything was pretty much done, I was glad I did it early :)
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  • I hope to have mine done by the time the baby is here..lol.  We just got a house and closing isn't for a little bit yet, so we are in a holding pattern for the nursery.  However, I do not think your being unreasonable.  I think it is smart to have it done and out of the way.
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  • I ordered my crib about 8 weeks ago and it still isn't here yet (things take forever to get here).  I have the bedding and some odds and ends.  As soon as the crib gets here, it will get put together and I will get everything else set up.  My oldest was born at 35 weeks and my second was born at 37 weeks so I want to be ready early just in case this little one comes early too and my husband is deployed so it is all up to me to do it.
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