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 Well, I just got over a sinus infection last week, then I started feeling bad Thursday evening, and Friday was awful.  I went to my Dr. on their Saturday morning hours and found out that I have the flu. I am miserable, and I may only take mucinex, robitussin, and tylenol....and it seems that I am ALWAYS hungry, like stomach growling hungry... and, yes I am eating.

Has anyone else gone through this?  If so, what did you do?

Re: Flu

  • Not the Flu, but a really bad cold. So bad that work even sent me home on the days I was able to even drag myself there. Like you said, that's all we can take..oh and Vicks. I just used all of the above and my humidifier and slept a lot. It REALLY sucks. I feel for you girl!!! Hope you get better soon!
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad! get well soon!
  • Thanks.  I have been eating, and sleeping the start of the weekend away!!
  • Get as much rest as you can! (I know, not exactly original advice).

    I got the stomach flu this past week and was in the bathroom all night...once I was done with that I basically slept for 24 hours.  It was all I could do to get water down in between my 2 hour naps!

    Eventually I took some tylenol because I was feeling achy before bedtime (probably from just laying around all day, really).  I slept the whole night through and felt much better the next day.

     Hang in there!

  • Uh. Ive had it twice. The last time I ended up in the hospital with a 102 temp for four days. Watch your temp - the doc was very concerned with mine.

    Tylenol will help if you have aches and pains. I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

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