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Where to buy GIANT bras?

I am normally a 34 D pre-pregnancy.  Over Thanksgiving I bought some 34DD bras.  Now I am busting out of them and they are really uncomfortable so DH and I went on a bra hunt this morning.  None of the department stores have anything bigger than a DD cup unless you special order them.  I didn't want to special order anything without being able to try it on first.  I went to MM and they had some E cup nursing bras but the smallest band size they had was 40.  Has anyone found any regular bras (not nursing) in size 34 or 36 E  or F without special ordering them?  I found it strange that the maternity stores only carry nursing bras and not regular bras.  By the time I am nursing I am assuming I will be even bigger than I am now so it seems silly to buy nursing bras now if I won't be able to wear them later.

Re: Where to buy GIANT bras?

  • I'm a 36 DD, and I have always been able to get bras at Lane Bryant. I know it's a Plus Size store, but they have the bigger bras- you may wanna check there.
  • I got mine at JCPenny online. I am currently wearing a 36 G.  I think the G stands for Good God your boobs are big.


    Anyway, I got sized before I ordered them and I wouldn't order too many because your boobs will be bigger after you milk comes in.

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  • I started out a DD before pregnancy.

    I really need new bras now!

    Nordstrom's carries bigger than DD - but they are pricey.

    also, you can check out www.Figleaves.com


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  • I was a 38DD pre-preg and am now in a 42E.  I went to a local "foundation garments" store and they were able to fit me and give me two reasonably priced bras (both less than $40) that will work for the rest of pregnancy.  I'm not really a 42E but they darted the band size to fit and also adjusted the cup so it fits great now and as I grow I can go back and have it let out.  If you don't have a place like this locally I second the suggestion to Lane Bryant - they have decent bras, better than decent really, in nice large cup sizes and they aren't too spendy.
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  • I just went to Soma today (owned by Chico's).  They have DDD's (which is what I'm wearing now).  They will fit you there and they are so helpful with what styles will work.  Not cheap, but totally worth it IMO.
  • Are there any specialty lingerie stores in your area?  That might be the best place if you don't want to buy online.
  • My sister just had her first, and she jumped from a DDD to an H... yes, an H.  She had luck at JC Penny, I believe that she ended up having to buy online.  This was for nursing and regular bras.
  • Lane Bryant or their lingerie store Cacique.  You can order online also.
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  • My sister has giant BB's. She gets hers from JC Penny's.
  • I started at a 32DD pre-preg. Am in a 34DD Maternity/Nursing Bra which is stretchy enough to still be good even if I get bigger. My recommendation would be to try your local lactation center, there is one in each of my local hospitals and they had some of the craziest sizes!
  • I don't have any answers for you, but I have the SAME problem.  I'm a 34 DD normally and that's bad enough.  It's impossible to find anything with a big cup and a band smaller than 36 or 38!

  • I was a 36DD pre-pregnancy and am now up to a 38E... I was able to find a very comfortable bra at Mimi Maternity but I fear as I get even bigger I will have to look elsewhere.  Check to see if you have a store such as Lady Grace near you... I bought bras there pre-pregnancy and they were great about fitting customers with the perfect size!
  • If you have a Dillards near you, they usually sell larger size bras. That's where I bought my pre-pregnancy 32/34DDD bras.
  • Nordstrom...they even had H's in store...and they will do a fitting whenever you walk in... anything they didn't have they ordered for me and sent to my house within the week. H...can't freakin believe it!

  • I would suggest looking at Big Girl Bras, http://www.biggerbras.com/. I found an awesome 2 piece swim suit a couple years back.
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