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maternity clothes at 14 weeks??

Hi there,

I am new to this site and expecting my first (so excited!!!!).

I will be 14 weeks on Monday and started wearing maternity clothes this week. I feel like I am bigger that I should be. Anyone else big already at 3 months??



Re: maternity clothes at 14 weeks??

  • hi and welcome!

    I was wearing mat clothes by 3 months for sure. My pants were the kind that dipped really low beneath my belly in the front and came as high as regular pants in the back. My tops were generally ok, but I did have to buy some of the flowy, baby doll styles in regular clothes. I was desperatly trying to hide my bump for a while - particulary at work.  I found it uncomfortable to wear regular pants as they felt like they were cutting into my belly.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! 

  • Definately - I was wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks!?
  • Welcome and congratulations!


    Everyone's different.  I know many ladies who were wearing maternity clothes at that stage.  Enjoy your belly!  I couldn't wait for mine and didn't get it until 20+ weeks!  :)

  • ya i was in mat clothes my 7 weeks, i caught the end of summer so i was fortunate enough to just wear dresses a lot, then i had to start wearing sweats and yoga pants since i had to quit my job as soon as i found out i was prego so i didnt really have a huge need for dressy clothes.
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  • I was wearing some mat clothes by the 14/15 week mark and honestly it felt so good! LOL Give in to it, you will feel much more comfortable! :)
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