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Baby shower theme help

Mom and MIL are both letting me pick the theme for my shower and I am having a really hard time choosing a theme.  So here is what I have so far:

The original list of possible themes was: Rubber Ducky, Dr. Seuss, Jungle, Finding Nemo, Dinosaur, or racecars. 

I narrowed it down to: Rubber Ducky, Dr. Seuss or Whatever the nursery them would be (Finding Nemo, Dinosaur, or Jungle)

I am leaning more toward Rubber Ducky or Dr. Seuss because I figure at his 1st b-day party I will still be able to decide the theme, so I can do what ever I want, but I also think it would be cool to have the shower theme the same as the nursery them. 

FYI, I am having 2 showers, so I can choose 2 themes.  I am just trying to get some feedback about what you ladies think I should do. 

Re: Baby shower theme help

  • I like rubber ducky.  I don't understand using charaters yet - you don't know what your kid will like.
  • I had a dinosaur themed party. Though it is really hard to find any cute "non-threatening" dino's. We did manage to do it just fine. I made the cards myself and we just bought some dinosaur stuff. Originally we planned to make our son's bedroom dino's, but they are sooooo hard to find. It ended up working out great though, because a lot of people handmade dinosaur stuff for us. So we get to have a dinosaur room after all. Though we decided to just go with green for everything else that wasn't hand made or couldn't be (ie. crib stuff)
  • That is why I am holding off on the racecar theme, if he is into cars, I would rather do that for his b-day party. 
  • A Dr. Suess shower sounds very original, I've never heard of that used as a theme before, and it could be extremely cute.

    I myself am doing a Rubber Duckie themed shower. Rubber ducks are pretty cheap, so the shower decor wouldn't cost alot. And you can come up with some really interesting ideas, for instance, my mom and aunt are throwing my shower, but asked me for some input on where to have it at, we decided to rent a hotel pool. One of the "games" we came up with is setting rubber duckies afloat on the water, some of them having winning stickers on them. So there'll be 15 girls in the pool fighting over these rubber ducks, lol.

     Anyways, I've found a lot of cute ideas for rubber duck themed showers on the internet.

  • Dr. Seuss!!
    There is a post on The Nest Entertaining board with ideas, links and pictures.

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