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Shower gift: WWYD?

So DH's aunt, who I've never met, called a week ago to say her gift was being shipped to us and to please not open it.?


It came today, and it's in its original box. So I can see what it is (a swing)! Also, the box is extremely damaged. Should I cut the tape and check the parts, then wrap it or something? I feel so bad because she didn't want us to see it and they shipped it that way! ?

Re: Shower gift: WWYD?

  • Does she want you to take it to the shower?
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    Does she want you to take it to the shower?



  • If you've never met her, is it safe to say that she won't just be stopping by randomly? If that's the case, then she'll never know if you open it now. If some how she does find out and it upset, just tell her the truth! Did it come shipped from a store (BRU, Target - any labeling on the outside)? If so, start there and tell them how it came to you. If not, go ahead and open it to look for damage. How nice of her thought!
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  • I would check it out, and then wrap it.
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    Does she want you to take it to the shower?



    Then I'd say, if you want to respect her wishes by not opening it, you could just wait to check for damage after you are supposed to. Since it's something that requires a lot of assembly, nobody will ask you to open the box at the shower. Maybe just slap a big bow on it and bring it with you and after you've opened everything else, announce who it was from and that she was sorry she couldn't make it and sent it from blah place. Is it from a store that you could exchange it for a new undamaged one?

  • i would be totally honest with her, tell her it came in the original box, you really appreciate it, the box was damaged, so you opened it to make sure everything was ok.


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  • I would have DH call her and tell her the box is damaged whould she like him to open it to make sure everything is okay.  I am sure she would rather it be in one piece!
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  • Get DH to call your aunt and let her know how the box came. Get him to tell her that he hid the box from you to keep it a surprise. I think she should know the situation of how the box came, damaged and unwrapped. If anything is damaged, you might have a time limit before the company will accept a return. GL
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  • If she didn't want you to see it she should have made sure it was gift-wrapped before she had it shipped.  Anyway, I would call her and tell her and then ask her what she woudl like you to do.
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  • So she sent the gift to you, for you to bring to the shower? Does this seem weird to anyone else? like AWing her gift? I'd open it :)
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  • It isn't your fault that the gift didn't come gift wrapped; however, if you are to bring it to your shower I would go ahead and wrap it so that it looks pretty for the big event. You should be able to check it after the shower to make sure that everything is undamaged....unless it came with a note that requires return within so many days...??
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  • I agree with those who say to be honest. Just inform her it came a little beat up and unwrapped. You never know maybe she put something else in the box? She will tell you what she wants to do with it. I'm sure its fine though because I got a swing and the packaged it inside really well.
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