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Need someone for your kids this summer?


My name is Brandi, I am 22 and am a nanny throughout the school year for a teacher, his wife and their 3 children. Since teachers have the summer off, I will be unemployed for the summer.

I used to teach summer school for middle school kids, but since enrollment is down, so is hiring. I will be out of a job, so I came up with the idea of babysitting for the summer. I am really experienced with children from ages 0-13. I have taught preschool for a Kyrene District elementary school, and have been a nanny. If you need someone during the summer for your kids, I am available from the middle of May until I believe, the middle of August. Either at my house, or yours, whatever works best. I live in downtown Tempe and I am 4 months pregnant, just keep that in mind. I am pretty active and very healthy, so no worries there!

Contact me if you are interested, I would love to talk details with you. Hope to hear from you soon!
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