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What number is to Big for a shower?

My sister and family (aunts, older cousins, and mom) are hosting my baby shower for me. Well my sister asked me to put together my guest list and right now there are almost 70 people on it which my sister is fine with. Its all family and close friends along with the people I work with. I am not sure what to do and if that is way to big, I wouldn't invite all the people from one of my jobs but they have all commented on attending the shower so I would like them to. I also teach at a small school with a mostly female staff, I have had quite a few teachers comment on what they are going to buy for the shower and everything so I feel if I invite some I should just invite them all. I know not all 70 guests will attend, but how many is to many?

Re: What number is to Big for a shower?

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