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Visiting a new mom at the hospital-what to bring?

My friend had her baby yesterday (C-section) and two friends and I are going to visit her tonight at the hospital (she'll be there until Thursday). We'll of course call and offer to bring dinner, etc, but is there something else that I should bring (flowers, baby present, mom present, magazines, snacks)? I'm completely clueless about this and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Re: Visiting a new mom at the hospital-what to bring?

  • Aw, you're a good friend! :-) You might want to call and ask if she actually needs anything. I haven't had my baby yet, but I know that anything you bring to the hospital, they will have to lug home, so it might be best if you wait until they get home for things like flowers and presents.
  • Food.  I made a huge plate of brownies that I brought my friend.  Hospital food is really horrible so any food is appreciated.
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  • I'd call just before to be sure she's still up for visitors (the fatigue may be setting in, esp. if she's getting up to feed the baby at night) and let her know you are ok if she's not.  I'd also ask her what she needs, since everyone forgets something, especially if it's something for the baby that a run to Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby would solve.

    You are spot on about the food!  Hospital food sucks, as we all know, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it.   I kept a stash of crackers, Cliff bars, and nuts while I was at the hospital.

  • If you plan to go around meal time, I'd bring her real food from either take out or home (let her know too so she doesn't eat the hospital food since it tends to arrive earlier than most people tend to eat lunch and dinner).
  • do not bring flowers, babies are very sensitive to smells.

    I personally did not mind hospital food but I know DH would've appreciated some take-out.

  • I appreciated the Edible Arrangement someone sent me.  I wouldn't bring a baby present or anything -- it will be just one more thing to lug home.  And while magazines sound like a good idea -- I got no reading done in the hospital after my c-section.  I was either sleeping, feeding the baby, or staring at the baby.
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  • Thank you all so much for these extrememly helpful responses. I truly appreciate it! It sounds like food is the way to go!

    This is my plan-call in the afternoon and offer to bring dinner for her and her husband and pick up some snacks at the store. Then I'll call right before getting there to make sure she's still up for visitors.

  • I would appreciate fresh food (like fresh fruit and veggies) since most hospital food was cooked and not that great.  I also loved flowers.  A baby present might be too much to bring, there was already enough to pack up - I'd send that to their house or take it later if you want to give a gift. 
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