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Tell me your nightly routine

I'm trying to do the nighly routine and its tough..Here's what I'm "trying" to do:

bath, read, then bottle

but when she's out of the bath, she's frustrated b/c she is not yet digging the bath, and also hungry, so I end up just giving her the bottle and trying to read to her at the same time.. but thats dificult with holding her the bottle and the book.

what do you do?

Re: Tell me your nightly routine

  • i forgot to add that i try to put her down after bottle and that doesn't work either
  • We don't do stories at bedtime for this reason (and it would be impossible for me to BF and read at the same time).  So--now that he's on solids I read to him while he's eating his table foods and during playtime before the bath.  You could also get those bath books and read while in the bath.  My DS knows that after his bath, it's massage, jammies, eating, and then sleep.  We have done this routine since the second week home.
  • Could you give her the bottle before bath? then she won't be as frustrated? try bottle, bath, read/rock (or whatever you do to get her to sleep)?

    We do cereal, bath, book, nurse, bed. DS was never a fan of baths until about 2 months so I can see how doing it before bed can be a pain. We never made it part of his bedtime routine until he started to like them. ?


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  • i prob couldn't do the bottle before the bath, because she usually falls asleep or gets close to it when doing the bottle.. but i might just do baths in the  morning or aftrnoon until she begins to like it; then make it part of the routine, good idea
  • He gets changed, fed and goes to sleep.

    Reading takes place during his awake time, and we only do baths once a week.
  • change, swaddle, feed, and then bounce to sleep.

    The time always changes, but it's usually between 9 and 10 pm.

    It sounds like your DC really isn't ready for a routine yet.  That's okay.  Every baby is different.

  • yeah probably right.. i haven't been doing it every night either.. just kind of trying it out, and so far its been a no go
  • I haven't been able to get the hang of a routine either, but it's still pretty early for me. As of now, I'm my son's slave. He pretty much tells me what to do all day long hehe. He's pretty predictable now though. Change the diaper, feed him, and he usually lights out soon after.
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