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Two vessel cord?

So my doctor tells me there is nothing to stress about when it comes to a two vessel cord. I cant help but think if there is usually three and my baby only has two then there has to be somthing to stress about. I googled it and that definetly made things worse beacuse then all I read about is complications. I would appriciate ANY feedback or information that you might be able to share about this. I am just woried that maybe my doctor is not telling me somthing or maybe it really is nothing? The doctor says as long as there are no other signs of ploblems a two vessel cord is okay. Is there anything I should know?

Re: Two vessel cord?

  • Yes... avoid google and listen to your dr. 

  • Page SummersJuly15 (I think!) on 0-6. Her daughter had a 2 vessel cord and is perfect!
  • don't google it!!!!! your baby will be fine, one of my friends recieved the same news, her baby is 2 yrs old now and had no complications.
  • google can be your best friend or your worst enemy - i've learned to just get a second opinion if i have a question ;P -- as far as the two vessel cord goes - my sister had a two vessel cord when my step mom was pg w/ her and she was suuuper healthy - born at 38 wks and scored a 9 on her apgar -- i think that if everything's gone well up til now, you'll be a-okay!!!

  • I have a 2 vessel cord. seriously DOOOO NOTTT gooogle it. I found some scary stuff on there it was ridiculous. I go for ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks to make sure baby is developing properly. The first 3 were level 2's with Yale and they checked for all the soft markers for Downs and the other genetic disorders but now i am back to the regular u/s  at my Ob office.. I'm certainly no professional, but I've gotten a lot of good information so feel freee to ask me any questions!
  • My cousin had a 2 vessel cord and had no problems whatsoever.  They just made sure that baby was growing according to schedule.  She now has a healthy 16 month old with absolutely no problems! 

    Sometimes Google can be your friend, other times your worst enemy.  Definitely trust your Dr. on this one though - it's a fairly common anomoly in fetuses!

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