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Period Like Cramps

Last night I had a bit of a scare. Thought for a minute I was getting contractions. I had period like cramps and back pain for three hours straight. My husband thought it was time, but I knew it wasn't due to the constant pain. I'm feeling a little better today. I have a Dr.'s appointment this afternoon and I was going to bring it up to her. Is this common this stage in pregnancy? What could it be?

Re: Period Like Cramps

  • Just one of those things.  Had that the other night.  I found that when I got up and moved around it went away. 
  • I had that a couple times in the 3rd tri. The first time it was my baby going from breech to head down position. The second time it was false labor. I was told you get that feeling when the baby is moving down.
  • What you just described is actually very commonly what women experience when they are in early labor. You never know!

    I know the first contractions I felt after my water broke felt like period cramps. That's how I knew it was actually my water that broke and I didn't pee myself. So many people told me their labor started as cramp-like feelings.


    Good luck!

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  • I tried everything I could and nothing helped...I'm thinking maybe it's just my body preparing for labor.
  • Both times for me period cramps in the front and back at the same time resulted in dilation. Maybe the same for you! Oh and yes....it's pretty normal.
  • I've had several lately. Rather mild, especially in comparison to my regular cramps associated w/ my period. Asked my doctor last week, he said they'll probably stick around off and on, but not to worry.
  • It's very normal, and most likely you will experience is again! I have been having period cramps for over a week now.

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  • It could very well be contractions.  My friend told me that contractions run through your front to your back.  I would definatley bring this up to your doc. today, I'm surprised you didn't call them last night since it lasted for three hours.


    I felt something like that, but it only lasted for maybe a 1/2 hour the other day and it wasn't in a pattern nor going around my back.  Regardless on Wednesday I will be letting my doc know.

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  • Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate it. I will find out today if I'm dilated.
  • I have experienced the same thing. ?I called my doctor and she told me to go to triage because she as worried I was having preterm labor. ?Everything was fine, but the nurse told me I could've been dehydrated and that could've caused the cramps. ?Now I make sure I drink plenty of water and try not to be on my feet all day (which can be a challenge with my job). ?I would talk to your doctor. ?



  • image kabarbanel:
    It's very normal, and most likely you will experience is again! I have been having period cramps for over a week now.

    Ditto this.

  • I had the same thing really bad about a week ago and it ended up it was from him dropping. They have continued off and on this week and my doc said that would be a good sign that I am starting to dialate... so Im crossing my fingers!
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