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Entertaining a 1 year old on a 4 hour drive

I will be taking our DD to my in-laws in a couple of weeks for the weekend.  It will be my first long trip by myself with her.  I have taken her to my parents, but that is only an hour and a half.  Any tips on how to keep my DD content for 4 hours?  This weekend my DH and I took her to my in-laws and it was a nightmare half way through.  I am dreading the drive.  Help!!

Re: Entertaining a 1 year old on a 4 hour drive

  • Bring toys, snacks, and something for her to drink. Your best bet is to time your drive when you know she'll be napping. We are taking DS this week to Disney which is a 3.5 hour drive from our home and this time we will be armed with a portable dvd player since I know we'll be on the road way before his nap for the day.
  • Ditto pp. Portable dvd player, snacks, sippy cup, teething rings, books, a new toy or two she's never seen.
  • We went to new mexico a couple of weeks ago w/ dd.  It is a 12-13 hr drive for us.  we had lots of snacks/drinks/ new toys.  We also stopped every 1-2hrs and got her out each time.  dd did really good, also considering she was sick.  she slept alot since she was sick.   does your dc watch movies?  a portable dvd player would be great if you have one.  our dd doesn't watch tv really, but if yours does that would probably help alot.  could you drive at night? 
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