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Baby born with a fever... Possible reasons?

I just got the quickest phone call/update on my cousin who was induced yesterday. The baby was born an hour ago and mom and baby both have a high fever and the baby was born a little limp too. That's ALL the info I got for now.

 I tried searching/googling but can't get any decent info. Does anyone know if that's serious or semi-normal or...  ???



Re: Baby born with a fever... Possible reasons?

  • I don't know about the limp thing, but DD and I both ran fevers when she was born.  I required 24 hours of an antibiotic, and DD needed 48 hours of an antibiotic. Mainly the result of being in labor for so long I think.  We both went home like normal!  I hope erverything turns out ok!
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  • This happened with both my DD and my sister's DD. Apparently while giving birth both my sister and I became toxemic (fever being one of the symptoms) and because of this both DD and I and my niece and sister were on antibiotics for 48 hrs while they ran blood work. Once the blood work cleared us for having any infections they took DD out of the NICU and moved her to the regular nursery. She is perfectly healthy now! Good luck!
  • I was in labor over 22 hrs and ended w a csection. DS and I both had fevers, i was given an antibiotic through my iv, ds's came down on his own,..  nothing serious for us, but Ds scored a 9 and 10 o n apgars, so he wasn't limp or anything. lots of prayers
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  • I had a pretty high fever throughout my labor.  The fever caused DS's heart rate to spike in utero.  His fever went away less than an hour after birth but mine didn't break until midnight that night (had him at 3:43 in the afternoon).  They gave me four rounds of antibiotics during labor (2 of ampicillin and 2 of gentamycin).  I felt fine after he was born even though I still had the fever and DS was (is) fine, too.  The worst part for me was that I had chills and they wouldn't give me any blankets because they did not want to further raise my temperature.  I never heard what caused my fever and since I never heard I just assumed they didn't know.  Good luck to your cousin--please update when you hear more!
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  • thanks SO much ladies. hopefully some antibiotics will do the trick for them too and everything will be okay :(

     i'll update when i know more! thanks again!!!!!!!!

  • This happened with my cousin that had her baby 24 days after DD was born, her water started leaking and she went in for contractions and she didnt tell them that she suspected she was leaking and they sent her home without checking her water. she ended up with an infection and her and the baby had fevers and the baby wansnt in great shape. baby spent 10 days in NICU so they could get the infection under control
  • It's really, really common.

    ?Many reasons mom could have fever: epidural and infection are the two most common.

    ?Most common reason for the baby to be born warm: just came out of mom who was warm and baby got overheated.?

    ?They will most likely evaluate the baby for signs of infection.?

  • They could have an infection, Group Strep B, or they could both be dehydrated.  It could be a lot of things.  I hope that they are both ok.  My baby had a slight fever after he was born because he was dehydrated.  But the doctors freaked out thinking it was because I had tested positive for Group Strep B prior to giving birth, so they monitored both me and him for a fever after deliver.  But if it is that hopefully they got on it fast, and gave them both antibotics because then it's pretty easily fixed.
  • My daughter and I had fever. My DD ended up being septic (she had an E.Coli infection in her blood stream). she required 2 weeks of iv antibiotics in the NICU. they will do blood cultures and a spinal tap to make sure its not meningitis.
  • Happened to my DS and me.  Nurse said it happend  a lot with long labor.  Dehydration from all the labor can do it. 
  • My babe had a fever and they told me it was common from the epideral. They kept a close eye on her and it went away by the next day.
  • My DS was born with a fever cause I also had a fever.  My doctor gave me tyleon for the fever (I was already on antibotic cause I ended up with a c-section, and i don't remeber them giving my son anything for it.  They just let it come down by itself.  Both DS and I were fine.  Sorry, but I don't know what they mean about limp though? 
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