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good hospital in harford county

im not pregnant yet but DH and i are really confused at to the best hosptal in harford county to give birth/pregancy process?  i ahve heard pros and cons to Upper Chesapeake and that currently where my gyno is out of. 


Re: good hospital in harford county

  • I delivered at Upper Chesapeake with the midwives from Susquehanna OBGYN and I had a wonderful experience.  They even come in to give you a complementary massage the day after you deliver!  The nurses were attentive and supportive, and even my non-labor and delivery experiences there were positive.
  • I live in Harford County...but delivered at Bayview.  I know most births go complication free, but UC doesn't have a NICU and I wasn't taking that chance.  I've heard great things about the nurses there, and not so great things about the drs.  And I've heard one too many horror stories, so I won't be going there ever.
  • I live in Harford county and will be delivering at GBMC. You couldn'y pay me to deliver at U.C. The Drs there are horrible! Plus there is no NICU... 

  • I don't have any personal experiences with UC but I have only heard horrible things about it - for both OB/GYN issues and other medical issues. And like said before there is no NICU there.

    I would strongly consider any other hospital - I guess Franklin Square is the next closest. But also consider GBMC - it's great!

    Good luck!

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  • I just delivered at Upper Chesapeake on March 2nd and had a very pleasant experience.  I am a patient of the doctor's at Susquehanna OB/Gyn but delivered with a midwife.  Like pp said, they do not have a NICU but if your DC needed to go to one, they would transfer to Johns Hopkins via the helicopter.  It's all about preference for you.  Go to the Family Birthplace and take a tour and speak with some of the nurses to help you get a better perspective.  I have heard horror stories about all the hospitals mentioned.
  • I live in Harford County, but plan on delivering at St Joe's. While U.C. is closer to my home, the practice I go to works out of St. Joe's. I wasn't willing to switch Dr's. I've only heard 1 bad experience concerning a doctors care after delivery. But all the other stories i've heard were fine. I think people still think of the old hospital, before it became U.C.
  • I am new to this board, but I wanted to mention my experience with UC.  I was very happy with the delivery (planned c-sec), but I had an issue with a nurse trying to convince me a 2am that my son was not getting enough to eat (breastfeeding) and that I needed to give him formula.  This was the second night there and I was so tired and so nervous about being a mom and feeding him that I just didn't know what to do.  I ended up giving him the formula and asking to leave the next day (a full 24hrs early).
  • I delivered at Upper Chesapeake in May and used the Midwives at Susquehanna OB/GYN. I had a very complicated pregnancy so I was very worried. The midwives were great and you feel completely comfortable. The hospital is very clean and everyone is nice. I would never deliver anywhere else or with another doctor. I did have Bel Air Womens care at first and after a bad experience with Dr. Swanbeck I would not reccomend him!
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