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Stride rite, pedipeds or...??

Hi ladies,

Please help me out my DD is 13 months and she's been walking for almost 3 weeks now and is doing great. I currently have her in the soft leather robeez and daycare thinks she may be ready for real shoes....

When did you put your DC into "shoes" and which brand did you go for?

Any advice on whether i should pick stride rite over pedipeds or other brands etc? We want to go see some this weekend :)



Re: Stride rite, pedipeds or...??

  • I'm curious to see the answers...


    But, DS is a walker and when we go out I put him in Pedipeds.  I think I'll get another pair of those, but not sure.  Are Robeez not good once you have a walker?

  • I think the Robeez are great for walking but she does slide a fair bit in them and we think she needs more grip :)

    I cant wait to see the answers also :)

  • Well, we have a couple pairs of shoes, all different brands.   Our favorite are Carters brand from Kohls.   I also use Walmart brand, and Target brand.  Just whatever fits his chubby feet really, and of course the look.  Boys shoes are much harder to find for cute ones.  I'm sorry I don't worry about the brands really, I'm not really into spending $30 a pair for shoes.
  • My DD is still in pedipeds and I plan on keeping her in them until she moves up to the next size in a few months. By then she will have been walking for a few months and then I will move her up to the stride rite, since they have a harder sole but are still really flexible
  • ahh ok I am learning so pedipeds are more flexible than the stride rites? I am not really into brands either but I am after a good quality shoe to support etc and I honestly didnt know that carters makes shoes...we really havent looked at any shoes for her yet.

    Also- any tips on what i should look for in a good shoe ie straps with velcro or laces etc? I'm after good support...

    what do you look for in a good shoe?

    thanks so much!!

  • We started with a pair of Robeez Mini Shoez.  Then we moved into a pair of Robeez Tredz.  The Tredz have a harder sole, but are still flexible.  Also, I don't know all of the details of the companies, but Robeez is part of the Stride Rite Company (in Canada).  I haven't tried other brands, but I really like, and recomend, the Robeez shoes.  I search online for the best price.  I don't mind paying a little more for quality, plus my son only had one pair of the Mini Shoez, and two pairs of the Tredz.   I don't find that it is necessary to have many pairs of shoes at their age.  The only thing I noticed it that he can kick off his shoes when he is sitting in a chair, stoller, shopping cart, etc.  He pushes on the back of one foot with the other foot, and kicks the shoe off.  I am guessing this could happen with any brand of shoe.
  • the orginal pedipeds have a softer sole but are close to the robeez (I like these the most right now) and then the have the pediped flex which has a harder sole. Someone once told me that you want to be able to bend them with one hand, so we go by that. We haven't had any with laces yet either. I don't know if I'm ready to tie them all the time.

    These are like what I bought her in the next size up. I bought them both at the outlet for 12.99 each 

    This is what DD is wearing now


  • DD started walking at 12 months and has been in pedipeds since 13 months, before then she was in robeez.  She also has robeez mini-shoez.  I am keeping her in pedipeds as she doesn't fit in a harder sole shoe.  Possibly come May I will get her sneakers because she will go outside everyday at daycare and I don't know how the pedipeds will fair in the dirt and concrete.
  • We just did Sketchers.  Probably not the greatest first shoe brand, but it also wasn't $40.

    Velcro versus tie, I think that my brother said it best.  "If all you had to do all day was figure out how to take off your shoes, you would."  They got annoyed and went tie with my nephew, while we stayed velcro.  What I found was that it was annoying as anything for a month or so while she would show us what she learned, but dd now only takes them off if she is bored.  So, it really is your choice.

  • I've heard -- and thus believe -- that Stride Rites are the best way to go with walkers. The other brands don't have adequate arch support. Buy them online or at an outlet store, though, as they're ridiculously expensive.

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  • I would suggest these Stride Rites for a new walker.  We got some for DS and they are great.  They're so soft and flexible.  He was wearing the leather Robeez too, but since they go outside now at daycare, he needed something with a little tread.  We looked at the Robeez Tredz and liked them too, but they are too big for DS.  We'll probably get some when his foot gets a little bigger.  We got our Stride Rites from an outlet, and they were less than $20 each.  The Robeez were $18 each.

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  • My son started walking around 10 months and my mother insisted we get him "good walking shoes."  unfortunately he got his dad's wide feet so we went with Stride Rite because they are one of the only kinds that come in wide sizes.  They were the white old fashioned looking walking shoes, probably cost between 35 and 40 but it's worth having shoes that fit right and most places that sell them will know how to do that correctly.  They were great though and he wore them every day until I just bought him new "sneakers" which are also Stride Rite. 
  • Regardless of what brand you get, I recommend going to Stride Rite to get fitted.  We bought shoes, and got him fitted a couple of months later, and the shoes he was in were way too small.

    DS has very wide feet, and the only things that fit are Stride Rites.  Velrco was easiest at first, but now that he is older, he has figured out how to undo it and take off his shoes in the car.  We therefore go with tie shoes now.

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  • We started with Pedipeds in September, mainly to keep his socks on. Now that he's walking and going outside, he needed tread. I bought Pediped Flex, but the size was way too big and the sole was not flexible enough. So for now we're in Stride Rite - we'll probably go back to Pediped Flex in a year or so, but for now he's doing fine with Stride Rites.
  • We moved DC into a sneaker (from Pedipeds and Robeez) once she was walking well. The ped. said she should be in a hard soled shoe. We love the Stride Rite shoes!
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