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Naming Your Son After His Father.

Re: Naming Your Son After His Father.

  • I personally wouldn't do this. Too much confusion later on in life. I find that most people who do this, the kid goes by their middle name anyways, which is stupid IMO. Why just name the kid the middle name then?
  • I hate this, I think the whole jr. thing sounds terrible.
  • My DH is named after his father and if we have a son, our son will be named after DH.

    I think it's a beautiful tradition.  DH & FIL's name is unique because it is Ukrainian so it carries a lot of heritage.

    Side note: if we have a daughter she will have my middle name and will be 4th generation of mom/daughter middle name tradition in our family.

  • I agree... kinda confusing. Though, I would use a middle for a first or first for a middle in some situations.
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  • 50/50

    I ended up giving my son a nickname anyway.

  • My husband is a Jr. and I remember asking him back in high school that if he ever had a son, would he want to keep the tradition going. He said "no, I think everybody should be their own person." We've never had to worry about it though...because he only seems to make girls!
  • DH and I didn't want to do it. We wanted to pick the name we liked best. Plus I think it's just confusing. My grandfather, dad, brother, and nephew all have the same first name and it's just confusing! I did like the idea of doing a middle name as a family name though, and we chose to do it after my daddy.

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  • We're naming our son after my DH. My first choice? no. But it's something that really means something to him. My dad is named after my gramps, my brother after my dad, and if my brothers baby is a boy, he'll be named after him. I think it's nice that the name has MEANING rather than just a name we picked that was "cute" or "popular" at the time.
  • Common practice in many countries. You'd have to think about how you feel about people calling him Jr.

    I wouldn't mind doing it. DH didn't want to.


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  • If we had a boy he would be named after DH... sort of. ?DH has a version of his father's name (same first different middle, goes by his middle name). ?DC would have had DH's middle name (they would go by different nicknames) and my dad's name as his middle. ?A little confusing, but it works and is their family tradition.
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  • i FIND IT ANNOYING. My brother shares the same name as my dad. He's not a jr. though b/c of different middle names. When he reached High school I'd ask his friend if they wanted JR or SR and even the adults couldn't figure out who they wanted to talk to. I'd get so aggrivated!!
  • Couldn't do it. ?All I could think of was that people would call my son, Lil John and that would make me think of the rapper. ?(YEEEAAAAAH!)
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  • I understand the tradition of it, and to each his own. I would never do it, though. In DH's family, the first boy usually has the middle name of their dad or grandfather. His oldest brother has his grandpa's first name as a middle name, and the next brother in line has FIL's first name as a middle name. DH has a unique name because they ran out!  :)  We won't follow that, though.

    I've become anti-tradition in some things. I have traditions I like to follow, sure. But my mom goes NUTS any time we follow one of DH's family traditions and if we do one of MY family traditions, MIL feels left out.

    We do holiday traditions and that's it. Now DH and I will make our own family traditions. I don't want to keep hearing about it from our moms for the rest of my life.

  • I'm not into the whole junior thing. We chose a unique name for our son.
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  • My DH is "the fourth" with the same name in his family, but the name he goes by is not his legal name.  If we were having a boy, I think we would have named him "the fifth", but given him a totally different nickname - just because by the time you get to "the fifth", it's kinda like wow.  (But yeah, I hate the junior thing too.  My dad is a junior.)
  • I don't care for it and in every situation I know where a guy shares a name with his dad, he goes by his middle name for a first and it ends up being really confusing for everyone.  My hubby thinks it's an ego thing for men and said he would never want to name a child after himself.  Living in South Florida we know lots of people from Latin American countries and they are always shocked that we aren't naming our baby boy after my husband, they just assume we will and often seem kind of annoyed that we aren't.  It must be a given in these countries.
  • Nope, my DH is already a III so it ends there.  He was the one to say no more. 
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  • Way too much confusion later in life, especially with creditors.  I think each child deserves his or her own name and identity.
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  • We are doing it. My husband's name is Andrew and he goes by Andy. Our baby's given name will be Drew.

    I just love my husband to pieces. He's my favorite person in the universe, and I can't think of a better way to honor him than to name our baby after him. DH was hesitant at first but he's on board now.

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  • If we were having a boy, my husband definitely wanted a Junior.  My only problem with that is I wouldn't want people calling him Junior cause thats a suffix not a name.  I also wouldn't want anyone calling little or baby cause then they get stuck with it their whole lives, even when they are not so little anymore.  My other issue was that he couldn't even go by Mario cause that would be too confusting, and I really hate my husbands middle name Alberto.  Yuck!  He says we could call him Al or Albert and that just reminds me of Fat Albert or something.  So yeah we would probably end up calling him either Junior (yuck!) or just plain Mario (I call my husband Babe anyways so not confusing to me).  Luckily, we are having a girl though so we don't have to worry about it this time around.  Maybe he will change his mind when we try again.  Let's hope!
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