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..hate this!

Is anyone else getting urinary infections every day? My doctor just told me that this is what happens when you are pregnant? but come on every day...I am going to talk to her again because this is painful and uncomfortable  ..especially at work..all I want to do is sit on the toilet with a glass of water in my own home..

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Re: ..hate this!

  • I  had quite a few while I was pregnant.  Half of the time I didn't know I had them until I gave a sample.  I was put on antibiotics for them.  I would definitely call.
  • I have one now.. but it didnt hurt. Just smelled like it could melt paint off the walls.

    I hope its not a continuous process during this pregnancy.. ugh.

  • ugh!  UTI's are the worst.  i know diuretics aren't supposed to be good for you in pregnency but cranberry juice is supposed to be REALLY good for your bladder.  i've been drinking about a cup a day to prevent infections cause i know how much they suck. 

    also, i'm sure you already know this but make sure you pee immediately after you have sex.  and... wipe from front to back.  um obviously.  

  • Poor thing! I know UTI were bad enough when I was not pregnant but when I got one a couple a weeks ago I thought I was in trouble! The pain after peeing ( cramps) where s bad I decided it must not feel anything like childbirth so I not going natural!

    They put me on?antibiotics?which stopped the cramping and I am good! My doctor said take cranberry pills daily. I do and that is more?potent?than drinking cranberry pills. I am not so sure about you having it everyday. After a?antibiotic?you should be better. If not I would call them again. I read 10% women are more prone to UTI?during?pregnancy?unfortunately?you and I are that. I have not barfed once though so I guess I have my pain to bare! Hope you feel better!!!!

  • I found out I had a bladder infection at my first dr. appt...I had never had one before in my life and I didn't even know that I had one until she toldme....my friend thinks it is insane that I didn't even know...but I the dr. said it is common for preg. women to not have the symptoms...for whatever reason...

    So I'm on antibiotics...although you just made me realize that I forgot to take it this morning...I suck! ahahahah

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