anyone have weird dreams when on progesterone?

I always have vivid weird dreams, but I've had some real doozies lately. Here are some examples:

---dreamed I found out that my husband had fathered a child many years ago with a woman he met at an amusement park. He wrote me an apology/explanation note on a band-aid (which made it hard to read since it was so tiny!). While I was finding out about this I was also trying to find my PIO, which I had misplaced

--dreamed I had to go to a meeting at work but didn't know where/when it was, and started crying and saying "stupid progesterone!". I actually woke up crying.

--dreamed I met Jennifer Aniston at the check-in line for an airport Holiday Inn and she invited me to dinner. She later canceled on me to go on a date with her boyfriend.

I practically wake up laughing - they are so bizarre! Anyone else care to share?

"I'm working on a dream" ~Bruce Springsteen
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Re: anyone have weird dreams when on progesterone?

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