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How many u/s (long)

Hello ladies!


I was just wondering how many ultrasounds your OB plans on giving you? My new ob (and my old one) both only do 2 and since I had one done before I switched doctors I won't get another until 20 weeks.

 The problem is this- the u/s I was given was so crappy, seriously! I think that my old ob's u/s machine was ancient... and she only gave me one blurry pic. Since this is our 1st baby I want a better pic lol.

 Problem number two is- I had a pilonidal cyst I just got over a few days ago and went through a whole round of antibiotics (yes, I called to make sure they were safe) and I am worried and would love the reassurance of seeing the baby again. I have Kaiser and I called & they said they would cover any u/s.


So anyway I am just asking because I am curious to see if 2 u/s are normal. Oh, by the way... I am 12w3d I just don't know how to add one of those neat little time things.


ok... TIA ladies!

Re: How many u/s (long)

  • My OB's office just does two, one at the first appointment and then at 20 weeks.  I have been lucky enough to have two extra ultrasounds because I had to have surgery to remove a cyst.  That was about four weeks ago though so I miss seeing our little one so often. 

    My DH works in the ER I might have to have him start using the ultrasound machine instead of the just the doppler.

  • 2 is the norm, some only get 1. I've had a bunch of complications so I've already had 4, and am scheduled one more.
  • My Doctor only does two as well, but he offers additional u/s for a fee if your insurance company wont cover it.  Most of the time u/s are insurance based not as much OB based.  So you can request one and see what happens to the bill.
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  • I am 2 in going on 3 and I am only 8wks along. I have some bleeding though, so ... I would talk to your OB about the u/s who knows maybe they will let you. OBs are aware of how us PG women feel.
  • I have Kaiser and have no clue how many are the norm.

    I am having a High Risk pregnancy.   I've had 6 u/s's so far (weeks: 6, 10, 12, 16, and 2 in week 18).   But I've also had appointments every 2 weeks from week 16 on.  I'm very closely watched.

    It's probably a good thing (medically) that you don't need more.   But I understand about wanting to see your baby.

    Also, I know that at one of my offices (my perinatologist works out of 2 hospitals).... that there is only one u/s machine in the OB area.   So, since that is also where the high risk girls get sent - it is usually us high risk girls getting that room for our appointments.

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  • My OB only does 1 u/s (unless there are complications).
  • we've had 3 so far and will probably have 2 more. so many were done because of our previous m/c and because i was spotting.

    normally we only get 2. one at 12 weeks and one at 20.

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  • I think that 2 is the norm...you have one usually at your first appt. and then one somewhere around 18-20w....I'll have an additional one because I am electing to do the NT scan...so i'll have 3, but I'd only have 2 if I wasn't doing that one...
  • My doc does 2 standard ones... one in the first tri to check heartbeat and growth.  The next at 20 weeks.  However, we can also pay $75 out of pocket for the cool 3D/4D one at 24 weeks... we are all about it....  I think you should be able to ask for an additional ultrasound, but would tell them it is because of concern not for a good picture:)  (not that that isn't a good reason:)

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  • 2 is the norm.  I think i'm in love with my OB/GYN lol... i wasn't high risk, and i ended up with at least 7 u/s.  8w, 12w (in office b/c couldn't hear hb), 18w (genetic counceling visit), 24w, 28w, 37w, and then 39w5d ....i think thats about right anyway.

    the last 2 were because he was concerned of her size, one was b/c couldn't find HB with doppler, and 1 was to check for genetic defects.  So would have been probably just 2 otherwise...the 8w and then 18w ish

  • My doctor normally does two: the one at your first appt. to date the pregnancy and one at 18-20 weeks to check on things and possibly see gender. If medically necessary they do more. My dates and measurements were off at my first appt on friday so I have another u/s tomorrow.
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  • For my first 3 kids (2 different OBs) only 1 each.  I have a new doc this time around and she does 2 (hoping insurance will cover them both); 2 seems more common than just one these days, but your doc may be willing to do another if you want.
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  • I've had 3, and I will have one at least every month until delivery. However, this is because, like another poster, my pregnancy is high-risk.
  • My doctor does 3 ultrasounds: at first appt, 18 weeks and then again later on in the pregnancy to check fetal growth. My insurance only pays for one though. I got an extra one though because I just did the NT testing, so that will be a total of 3 out of my pocket to pay for.
  • I will have one done at 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks...plus the NT scan and big u/s...beyond that I don't know.  Since I am with an RE, I am seen more regularly until I graduate from the infertility clinic and move onto an OB.
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  • I only get 2, plus the NT, unless their are complications.
  • You should really try to keep them to a minium because while they are cool and reassuring they are not the best thing for baby. Why don't you just have your dr. listen to the heart tones using a doppler? That would give you peace of mind and not bother baby!
  • Um, darling, where are you getting your scientific info that ultrasounds aren't good for the baby?  They're not like XRays, and AFAIK they are harmless.


    Please cite your source.

  • Umm...yes they are very much like xrays. Hoe else do you think they work? I ama certified doula, put in a serch for a doula site and read on darling

    Reasons for Concern
    Ultrasound waves are known to affect living tissues in at least two ways. First, the sonar beam heats the highlighted area by about 1?C (2?F). This is presumed to be insignificant, based on whole-body heating in pregnancy, which seems to be safe up to 2.5?C (5?F).21 The second effect is cavitation, where the small pockets of gas that exist within mammalian tissue vibrate and then collapse. In this situation "...temperatures of many thousands of degrees Celsius in the gas create a wide range of chemical products, some of which are potentially toxic."22 The significance of cavitation in human tissue is unknown.

    A number of studies have suggested that these effects are of real concern in living tissues. The first study indicating problems analyzed cells grown in the lab. Cell abnormalities caused by exposure to ultrasound were seen to persist for several generations.23 Another study showed that, in newborn rats (who are at a similar stage of brain development as humans at four to five months in utero), ultrasound can damage the myelin that covers nerves,24 indicating that the nervous system may be particularly susceptible to damage from this technology. In 1999, an animal study by Brennan and colleagues, reported in New Scientist,25 showed that exposing mice to dosages typical of obstetric ultrasound caused a 22 percent reduction in the rate of cell division, and a doubling of the rate of cell death in the cells of the small intestine.

    Studies on humans exposed to ultrasound have shown possible adverse effects, including premature ovulation,26 preterm labor or miscarriage,27, 28 low birthweight,29 poorer condition at birth,30, 31 dyslexia,32 delayed speech development,33 and less right-handedness,34, 35 a factor which in some circumstances can be a marker of damage to the developing brain. In addition, one Australian study showed that babies exposed to five or more ultrasounds were 30 percent more likely to develop intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)--a condition that ultrasound is often used to detect.36

  • I think it just depends on your dr's preference. Mine will only do 2, the first one will be done at 16-18 weeks. My other friend who goes to Kaiser gets u/s done pretty much everytime she goes for a check up.

  • I am so jealous of all of you getting two ultrasounds done. My office only does one at 20 weeks. I tried to ask for an additional, but they are really pushing me to just stick with the one. It's just so nerve racking (sp?) not knowing or not having the confirmation that everything is okay. I also have not gotten to hear the heartbeat yet. I'm on my 12th week and I've read so many posts from so many on here saying that they heard the heartbeat at their first visit and/or they got an u/s. Plus I can't help but think what if something was wrong. I would have gone through half a pregnancy only experiencing sickness before getting the news. I don't think I'd try again if that were to happen. It's emotional enough just trying to get pregnant. Anyway, everyone tells me to stop worrying. That's easier said than done.

    P.S. I do get to hear the heartbeat for the first time tomorrow. Finally!

  • Sorry, because you're a doula doesn't make you a scientist, darling.  What are the studies being cited by your footnotes, and where did you get that info?

     The first paragraph says the temperature increase is insignificant, and that the effects of cavitation is unknown.  Studies on cell culture do not mimic the complexities of the human body, and quite honestly, poorly designed studies on humans can show you whatever result you want.

    OBs around the world wouldn't be giving weekly u/s to high risk women if it was as dangerous as xrays.

     And XRays are *completely* different - they are ionizing radiation, which causes DNA mutations and other cell damage.  Sonic waves are not radiation.

  • I had 2 in the beginning and then I will have my 20 week one....if there are no other problems than that will be it. If Kaiser says they will cover it then you should get one. You might have to fight a little with your doc but just take a stance and you should be able to do it.
  • I never claimed to be a scientist and the risks are real and they are there. There are lots of things people do to cover their own back and incentives from medical related things that people will say and do anything. Even DRs. My father is a dr. and the person he works for will tell him to do things completely unecessary because the patient will have to pay and so will insurance. Do research on it. I have sat through may seminars and classes about them. Did you not read all of the info on my PP?
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