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NBR: Court tomorrow??

Hi all,

 I was sent a subpoena around new years to go to court last month.  A former client of mine was being sued by his former web designer.  However, a week before the trial my former client called and said the court had been postponed and that they were still trying to settle out of court.   Then, I got a voicemail from him on Friday (but did not notice it until yesterday) that the court date is tomorrow...   it is an hour away and I have work :(  I have repeatedly asked him to have his lawyer contact me to no avail.  I haven't received ANYTHING from the court except for the original supoena...  I'm not sure what to do.  Shouldn't the court have sent me something...or shouldn't his lawyer have contacted me?  This whole thing seems so fishy.

I haven't given any notice that I won't be able to work tomorrow and this is really stressing me out.  I have nothing to do with the trial whatsoever and seriously shouldn't even be called as a witness.  I really don't wanna have to drag my DS to court since he won't take a bottle.

 Sorry if this was a little incoherent I am running on fumes over here as DS is going through a major growth spurt this week! Indifferent

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