3rd Trimester

How much would/will you spend...

On your diaper bag?

?I found one that I LOVE, but it's $160, which might be a bit much.

What do you think?!?

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Re: How much would/will you spend...

  • My cut off was $200, because if I have to carry this instead of a purse I have to love it.  I have yet to find one I love though...sigh

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  • w/ my DD, I got a Kate Spade diaper bag...pricy but I LOVED it! Honestly, I've used it a handful of times and got a really big Wendy Bellisimo bag from BRU! I just didn't realize how much stuff you really have to have when you have a baby on the go!
  • Personally that is a lot to me, but I am not really into name brand bags etc... Mine came from BRU and was $40.?
  • i would not spend a ton until you really know how you'll use a diaper bag.

    I made the mistake of getting a Vera Bradley Baby bag - which was not cheap- and then wasn't crazy about it b/c i tend to overstuff my bags- and with teh 2 straps one would always fall off... now i know to only get diaper bags with one large strap (and tons of room!).

    some women like to have one big and one small bag - but i have never been able to just bring a small one- i like to have everything with me all the time.

    i have one $$$ bag that DS got me for my mother's day present last year - which I love... and i have had $20 bags that i loved, too - i change them up every season like I would normally do with my purses - which i don't buy anymore b/c my diaper bag is now my purse :)


  • I got 2 of them from my showers that my friends had made.  One was about $100 and the other a little smaller $75.  One has her initials on it and they other one has ner name.  I love them!!!
  • I also am not into brand name bags or purses. I have 2, $20 each. The first is a larger bag from PBK (great sale) and the other is smaller Eddie Bauer from BRU. Both are neutral bags so DH will carry them too!
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  • we spent $40 and honestly, I like the free one from the hospital better and use it instead.
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  • Mine is Coach and was $125 from the nearest Outlet Mall.  I love it and it is the same material as most Guccis/Lous Vuitton's so it isn't fabric, and can be wiped clean easily.  I have coatch wristlet that will get attached to it with my keys/wallet/phone in it. 
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  • MIne was $80 but my FIL bought it for me for christmas.
  • $40.  I'm not a bag girl, though.  I own one purse at a time.
  • i actually registered for one at pottery barn...it was 69.99 and is now marked down to 39.99. I just got it via UPS on Friday and I love it.  super versitle and does not look like a diaper bag
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  • I got one that I LOVE that looks more like a high end purse/Kate spade kind of deal from TJ Maxx. (I don't remember what brand it is but it's not KS.) It was originally $40 at TJ Maxx but on clearance for $19.99. Woo hoo!

     If I were to go for something name brand I wouldn't spend more than $100.

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  • We bought a backpack that is actually a laptop bag.  It was $65 marked down to $35.
  • mine was $80 on sale from Fleurville, and that was a splurge for me.  i've only used it - i don't like changing bags/purses, and i love it; very functional. 
  • I found a Juicy one that I liked a lot but it was like $240 I think.  That was too much for me.  Then I found a couple different ones at BRU online that were around $80.  That seemed doable, but when I looked for them in store they didn't have them so I just picked out one that was around $40-50 and registered for that.

  • I got mine as a shower gift.  I think it was about $30 or $40.  Its just a diaper bag!

  • I'm cheap.  $20-$30.  I eventually ended up using a backpack with DS because we had to take so much stuff with us.
  • If it was up to me, I would just use a "diaper bag" as an excuse to buy the $400 COACH bag I want, and I really would use it as a diaper bag ( sometimes ) but since DH brought it to my attention that he will at one point he will be carrying it also, I went with a black and grey bag from BRU.  So boring...Confused
  • i would go for it.  the one i like is either 185 or 225 depending on the pattern i choose.  i am planning to use the ugly ones i got at my shower until i decide.  i also want to make sure the size is right for what i will need.  i registerred for one for dh that was about 60 at buy buy baby.  i have no intention of sharing!  he is way neater than i am and would hate all the crap i shove in my purse!
  • wow, I would never spend that kind of $ on a diaper bag, but that's just me.
  • I paid about $55 for a messenger type bag that DH would be able to use too and then about $62 for another one for me that is more female for me.
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  • Yeah, mine was a splurge ($230). Totally insane, but there wasn't anything I truly wanted for my birthday or Xmas so it was easy for DH! Normally I wouldn't have spent so much!


    Here it is!




  • I can justify $400 on a purse so I'm probably not the best of judge but I would say depending on the quality, make, style, function of the bag, that doesn't sound too terrible
  • I'm the wrong person to ask, because I have always spent money on handbags, and so I spent quite a bit on my diaper bag.  But it is a bag that can be used long after baby as a messenger bag/tote. 

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  • Spending tons of money on a purse/bag isn't my style, so I would say anything over $100 is way too much.

    My diaper bag "splurge" cost just under $50, and I only bought it becuase I had gift cards.  It is really cute, though!  We also have a much smaller $20 bag from Wal Mart, or I might opt to use a back pack sometimes.

  • Going from experience -with a diaper bag it's nice to have something you can wash/wipe out.  You're throwing poopy clothes in there, bottles, snacks, etc - something inevitably spills.  I had a regular large diaper bag with DD when she was an infant, then graduated to using the small free one from the hospital when she didn't need quite so much stuff with us every time we went out.  When she was 2, I found one that was more like a backpack, that I liked.  SO - save your money for the nice purse you'll want to carry to your PTO meetings ;-)
  • I say just get the bag you want since it will be your "purse" for quite some time now.  But then again, I spend a lot of money on purses on shoes!

    I also agree with one of the pp who mentioned that you may want to see what you consider "functional" in a bag before you spend some big $$ on it.  My friend bought a Kate Spade bag, but she didn't like how it didn't stand up on its own.  I was about to get a Gucci diaper bag, but I decided the Storksak would be more functional for me (due to the zippered vs velcro closures on main bag and smaller pockets and the insulated internal side pockets for bottles vs just plain side bottle holders)...I think that I made the right decision!  HTH!



  • It probably depends on your own income -- I was just looking for something that DH or I could carry, so I registered for one that was $50.  I was looking at the PPB ones for just myself, but I couldn't justify spending a hundred bucks on a diaper bag.
  • I bought a Ju Ju Bag (BE ALL - style)....and I can't wait to use it! It was expensive though....but it has excellent reviews and should last a long time.  Check out the ju ju bag website.....they carry it at om norstroms...i ordered from an online site......however, they are expensive...i paid $120 on the site i found online.  i'm trying it to justify it to myself that it will be my pocketbook too....i registered fro the diaper dude bag from BRU for my husband
  • If you love it and you'll think that it will get a lot of use then I'd get it! Like others have said, it is replacing your hand bag.  I'm sure I'll have one for each season!
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