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11 weeks and doppler?

At my doctor's visit on Thurs, I was 11 wks 3 days.
Doc thought he should be able to hear hb by doppler.

We did not hear it.  I am having NT next Thurs so I will see then if all is okay.  I had last seen hb by ultrasound at 7 wks 3 days.

Has anyone else had this happen and all turned out fine?  or have others had this happen and baby had stopped growing? I have had no signs of miscarriage.


Re: 11 weeks and doppler?

  • That was probably just too early. At that point, just a few days can make all the difference in the world. My doc said that 12 weeks is the best time to try to hear the HB. She did try earlier ( a little after 11 weeks) but said not to worry had she been unable to hear it at that point.
  • It's no reason to worry yet. I was able to find Gabe's heartbeat at 10w pregnant, on my own, before my OB even tried- but, I had a severely forward tipped uterus at the time, which made it easier. It's sort of a crapshoot so early. :)
  • Your doctor didn't follow up with a sonogram?  That's strange.

    The same thing happened to me this pregnancy and the pregnancy before.  Usually, 11 weeks is much too early. 

    Good luck.

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  • I'm a week behind you, but they weren't able to find the heartbeat for me either.  She thought for sure she would, because I'm relatively thin, but no luck. 

    We followed up with and u/s and the baby was fine, just uncooperative for the doppler.

    Easier said than done, but don't worry.  You'll probably see that things are fine at the NT next week. 

  • It might have been too early. When I went to the dr it took him a little bit to find it. I heard mine on the at home doppler at 9 weeks 4 days, way early. But it took me a long time to find it. I am sure all is well:)
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  • My Dr tried to find mine at 10 weeks with no luck. He didn't make us wait though, we got an US right then.
  • I just went to the doctor the other day at exactly 11 weeks. It took some time but they finally found the baby and the heartbeat with doppler. The baby was still really low (at my hairline). Sometimes it's just hard to find I think.
  • This happened to me, and they wouldn't let me leave without a sonogram.  All was fine.  I also have a retroverted uterus which makes the h/b even harder to find with the doppler.
  • I wouldn't worry. My dr tried at 10 weeks with no luck, and said it was FINE - just too early. She says 12 weeks is more realistic. They didn't do an ultrasound b/c she really wasn't worried - I really think they would have if they'd thought there was a problem. Also, my uterus is tipped back, so that makes it harder to find, too. I have my NT Tuesday and like you, I'm glad it's soon so I can feel truly reassured. But if you have no signs of miscarriage, I really wouldn't worry. As my dr said, if everything is staying in there, relax. Good luck!
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  • Thanks, everyone! I feel better now with your reassurances.  I'm thinking positive thoughts and counting down the days until next Thursday to be sure, but I'm feeling like it was just too early.
  • Same boat - and my NT scan is on Thursday, too!! ?My doc thinks it was too early as well - and I have a tipped ute as well. :)
  • I was finding it on my home doppler at 10 weeks 2 days, but when I went to my OB at 11 weeks the nurse had a heck of a time finding it. ?It took forever and I would have been freaked out, but I had just come from the NT scan and knew the baby was fine. I think she would have given up, but I told her I had found it at home, so she kept looking.


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