3rd Trimester

DH Help you?

Now that your expecting do your DH's help you out with house work, cleaning, cooking, est?

If so, how far along did you have to get before he started helping?

Re: DH Help you?

  • Mine started helping the first time I threw up in front of him. He needs me to lay out exactly what I need him to do, but then he's good.
    DS May 12, 2009 DD September 7, 2011
  • Not yet, but I am slowly guilting him into doing it.  He's not good at offering to do anything!
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  • Mine has always been great about helping/doing things without me asking. He does majority, if not all, of the housework these days, and has been that way since pretty much I got pregnant. I have a wonderful DH!
  • Mine is usually not good at initiating stuff like that but I'm good at asking! He's always been a helper around the house, not just since getting pregnant. He especially likes cooking, so I try to take advantage of that when I can.

    When I was in my m/s first tri and my 3 weeks of bedrest this tri, he did most everything without being asked. Works for me!

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  • Dh has pretty much always done most of the cooking, because I suck at it. After I got pregnant he started helping with cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. Now he pretty much does it all because I can't
  • When I started slowing down -- I guess toward the end of first tri -- he started helping me with the house work. Once I got put on bed rest he's been doing just about everything -- lifting, laundry, cleaning, etc. Now that I'm allowed to resume some sense of normal activity, we'll share the cleaning, but I have to tell him what order to do it in because "my way makes more sense".?
  • Mine has always been very helpful.  He has always shared the housework, and when I got PG he started doing all the yard work too (I used to do half of it cuz I like it). 
  • DH started helping out more around the house ever since I got m/s at 6 weeks.  He cooks his own meals almost every day and makes something for me too whenever I don't feel up to cooking for myself (he's a carnivore and I'm a vegetarian so we usually make separate meals).  He still brings me breakfast in bed every morning even though the m/s is pretty much gone.  He's taken over cleaning the bathroom because he's obsessive my not using the chemicals (even though we use Method), and he washes the dishes about 70% of the time. Oh, and he always comes along to the grocery store and laundromat so that I don't have to carry anything heavy.


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  • DH does everything but loves to joke about how he cant wait till I'm in the "NESTING" stage. Jokes on him I only have 4 weeks left and I feel more lazy than ever. I don't feel bad about him doing all the cleaning because I deal with all of the finances and am working all the way up to my due date. I wish I could clean again because he doesn't do it often enough and i hate a dirty house. I guess I will give him a break though because he is working just as hard as I am. I LOVE HIM he takes care of me and rubs my aches and pains away. Thats better than a clean house....lol at least right now it is.
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