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NER: Good, inexpensive datenight ideas?

I want to be out of the house, so no renting a movie. ?We thought maybe we'd get appetizers somewhere then do...something, but have no idea what. ?Going to a movie is the only thing we've come up with, but I'd rather not.

Re: NER: Good, inexpensive datenight ideas?

  • ice cream and a stroll?
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  • Do you have a dog?  Take the dog to a new park and wander and watch him/her play.

    Ice cream or coffee and a wander is fun and under $10.

    Do you have local cinema culture?  We have some festivals that come through and you can get a day long pass for $10.  It's not "just a movie" that way...

    Zoo?  Museum(s)?  Children's museum?

    What do you find if you drive 30 minutes away?  When DH and I went for our last wander, we found a military memorial park, a vineyard and winery, and a lovely little pond at the base of a mountain.  

    Can you volunteer for a local shelter?  Lots of places need people to sort, work on mailings,  etc.  Animal shelters often need people to walk animals, clean cages, help with paperwork, work adoption events....those are fun to do together.

    Is your city one that has a board of tourism?  See what they suggest for a day in your town, and do the touristy stuff, which is generally low cost or free.

    Are you near a university?  Wander the campus and tell each other stories about your experiences in school (college, high school, kindergarten, whatever:)

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  • We used to do drinks and free chips & salsa at a mexican restaurant, then walk on the lakewalk or windowshop.  Another idea (if your DH is game) is finding a dance night somewhere - a local dance studio gives $3 salsa lessons every other Friday night.  A coffee shop near us used to do something similar.  DH & I have taken a few classes and we've both enjoyed.  Haven't done the $3 night yet, though.
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  • Great ideas, ladies! ?For tonight, we're going to go play pool and eat mozz sticks (current craving of mine) and go look at potential baby dressers at a local furniture shop.

    I love the dance lessons idea - we used to take weekly salsa lessons, but it was too far to drive. ?I'll have to look for those ?for a future date :)

  • bowling, putt-putt golf, sometimes there are star-gazing things around if you live near a science museum or university.
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  • We haven't done it yet, but there is a nice park near my parent's (our babysitters), and I want to get a take out pizza and eat it while sitting on a park bench and watching the swans and other birds swim on the lake.  :-)  Maybe take in a sunset or walk around too.

    One of our favorite things is to walk around downtown areas and browse little shops.  We usually do this with our 10 month old, in the mei tai on one of our backs.  Last time we ended up with a bow tie, the time before that, a very old used book.  A flea market would be a fun place to start, too.

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