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*~* July Sparklers' Monday Check-in *~*

Welcome to the July Sparklers? daily check-in!  This is a group for women who are due in July 2009.  To be added to the list, please reply to this post with your name, age, and EDD.  You may also let me know if your age or EDD has changed!


As you find out what the sex of your baby is, please let me know (by posting it in your reply to this check-in or by emailing me) so we can keep track of the number of boys, girls, and surprises!


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Group Stats

Total members: 545

Sets of Twins: 14

Boys: 39                 Girls: 31                  Surprises: 27

Most common EDD: July 4 (28 members)

Least common EDD: July 7 (7 members)


Bed Rest Sparklers: MCGMK

Thoughts & Prayers: if you have anything pregnancy-related going on that you would like thoughts and prayers for, please let me know to put your name here.  I will also try to link your name to your recent update so people can check up on you.


July 1 (16)

allicia82 (Allicia, 26)

AZ2MN4LOVE (Briana)

Brittanie_1987 (Brittanie, 21)

CAParisi (30)

Chrysallys (Jennifer, 36)

debisheldon (Debi, 30) ? TWINS!

desabean (36)

kit443 (Carson, 28)

lucyatx (35)

musicamh (Ashley)

msummer615 (Michelle, 28)

PnJ Mooney (Jacqueline, 25)


skorpia1074 (Lina)

skylooo (Katie, 26)

Zeener (Azine, 28)

July 2 (20)

3PupsAndABaby (Kimmie, 25)

Aimee&Bill (Aimee, 32)

CalinsBride (Keshia, 23)


duckee88 (Brittney, 20)

emilyatpsu (Emily, 26)

HisLovf (Jen, 26)

jrodda (28)

kbryan03 (Kelley, 23)

KevandJess (28)

kkmack (Kristen, 25)

NewBride0423 (Tish, 33)

NManger (Nichole)

patrickandkim (Kim, 25)

Pugs05 (Jen, 28)

Shoop-na-doopa (Trish, 31)

Slamamama (23)

Soon2BMrsN (26)

s.s.girl (24) ? TWINS!

tml0701 (Toni, 31)

July 3 (19)

Beccaboo0713 (Becca, 24)

bridetobe05 (Amy, 30)

Bririna (31)

fawnanddoe (Jessica, 25)

hickler7 (Jennifer, 30)

hparrott (Heather, 22)

jods8 (Jody)

kaightea (Katie, 26)

lennonlover (Angie, 26)


Luvpiggies (Erin, 27)

mnimee (Marissa, 30)

mrs.serrato85 (23)

mrstrn (Becca, 30)

Mrs.Underwood (Meagan, 25)

MrsZ71407 (26)

rebus82 (Randi, 26)

seth&linds (Lindsay, 26)

stlJanaJo (Jana)

July 4 (28)

alison1020 (Alison, 29)

AZ*Grl (Janie, 25)

babyjoy09 (Brenda, 23)


coffeekitten (Rachel Marie, 26)

daveNmissy (Melissa, 27) ? TWINS!

erino&chrish (Erin, 29)

esmoore (Elizabeth, 23)

jenn.panos (Jennifer, 25)

khagan9368 (32)

korndog99 (Kory, 27)

LianeL (Lori, 37)

Manalyzer (24)

matt&steph (Stephanie, 27)

meyemn28 (Marissa, 24)

MiaVonT (Mia, 28) ? TWINS!

momtobetimes3 (29)

mrsbrustobe (Abby, 35)

MuesFamily (Christina, 26)

mvesneske (26)

Nelliep32507 (Janell, 30)

nicole.romiglio (Nicole, 24)

nwilliams8 (Nicole)


pghwedding10/08 (Caitlin, 28)

robbie3982 (Robin, 25)

sarahryandrewlo (Sarah, 28)

Shanseur* (25) ? TWINS!

July 5 (16)

adams179 (Emily, 21)

aggiewed05 (Teri, 25)

elvis_cbw (Vicki, 26)

empressjenn (Jenn, 31)

hairstylist720 (Jana, 25)

jcjen519 (Jennifer, 26)

kmv6107 (Kate, 31)

kristinka7 (Kristina, 23)

Idhreniel (Annie, 23)

Mrs.Greenie (Christy, 26)

roslyn20 (Roslyn, 34)

sarah.townsend (Sarah, 23)

susangilchrist (Susan, 27)

TRACI15 (Traci, 20)

upstatenymommy (Emily, 27)

whitem22 (Michelle, 27)

July 6 (19)

ahernandez (Amanda, 25)

amandasue (Amanda, 29)

beeker1 (Loumeli, 31)

gummybearsong (Callie, 28)

Iblamethebeer (Darcy, 27)

JenB225 (Jenni, 26)

jenn_a_bee (Jenn, 25)

ladybugbabyp (Tami, 26)

lhylcn (32)

Josh & Calendi (Calendi, 30)

MattysGirl81 (Holly, 27)

Mickeychew (Michelle, 26)

Mrs.Bazin (Danielle, 23)

Mrs. Nerychel (28)

shellbomb (Michelle, 30)

SummerAshley (Summer, 24)

TessaTru (Laurel, 26)

toothfairy806 (Traci, 28)

volleydiva (Christina, 28)

July 7 (7)

ashloree (Ashley, 24)

HDxNxJ (Heather, 26)

jeccap (Jessica, 27)

Mrs_mam (Alison, 29)

nichle (Nicole, 30)

seabass22 (Jessica, 32)

skats2000 (Samantha, 26)

July 8 (25)

78kiki (Kay, 30)

amycoffey (Amy, 26)

angela&ruben (Angela, 29)

branditubb (Brandi, 26)

cheshirekaatttt (Elena, 27)

curlycasey (Casey, 26)

gracieleigh2 (Rachel, 26)

happyfarn (Jill, 31)


jmstone (Jenna, 22)

julosh (Julie, 20)

kayla_lynn (Kayla, 22)

KrisFlower (Kristi, 28)

krista_rosey (Krista, 26)

Ksis (Kristan, 27)

meelar8 (Laura, 28)

nycteach (Patricia, 30)

orion09 (Camrn?, 22)

rlpschll (Renee, 29) ? TWINS!

SB524 (Anne, 26)

stephelias (Stephanie, 23)

teiaj (Teia, 27)

thefarmchick (Lisa, 26)

vilicious (Stephanie, 33)

zakiebaby (Karen, 24)

July 9 (26)

augustbride12 (Kate, 28)


BadaBing327 (Jaime, 25)

Brittany FreyBox (Brittany, 26)

ciara2927 (Ciara, 26)

cookiesheart (Articia, 26)

dandnat (Natalie, 27)

disneychick (Rosanna, 25)

Finally_Mrs.Garcia (Vivian, 27)

Hapuh3 (Brenda, 34)

hijoi (Joi, 34)

JGratton99 (Jackie, 25)

kellybaird (Kelly, 28)

LoveMyLily (Alli, 31)

mikeandjen (Jen, 30)

mj0612 (Megan, 23)

OfficallyanOlson (Jeannie, 26)

RubyRed1085 (Amanda, 23)


scherzo (Gina, 29)

seriously888 (Jenn, 28)

ShelJean (Shelley, 28)

Shortcake79 (Beth, 29)

soontobejesseng (Jessica, 25)

tevola (Tanisha, 23)

vponce07 (Vanessa, 27)

July 10 (15)

Audreyp (Audrey)

brownbetty2006 (Brandy, 22)

cblremi (Crystal, 25)

Choco80 (Alicia)

Cristydz (Cristy, 32)

Heather577 (Heather, 31)

lbittma80 (Lisa, 28)

Julybride_07 (Trista, 22)

leahbrazil (Leah, 25)

maiziejenga (Danielle, 33)

melhearts (Melinda)

MissTGH (Timberly, 35)

sugar*and*spice (Deborah, 23)

Teamhuber (Kimberly, 27)

vjrun21 (Viviana, 21)

July 11 (13)

*Bee* (Brittany, 24)

BrideofSky (Dana, 34)

caleta (Tonia, 27)

CandleGirl (ReNae, 30)

crlyq2004 (Bethany, 22)

j&rwil (Robin, 27)

jmkirste (Jenn, 27)

MrsSchoon04 (Renea, 26)

kleopatra09 (Kleopatra, 26)

linds8103 (Lindsey, 27)


sxu0007 (Sara, 25)

Trixie6717 (Ashley, 32) ? TWINS!

July 12 (16)

Alibeck (Allison, 28)

C.Mo (Colby, 24)

Dulaney (Heidi, 25)

echildre (Elisabeth)

g8orell (Erika)

iHeartHimMore (Michelle, 29)

lilgazer7 (Kara, 27)

kermie1975 (Michelle, 33)

Kimberly O (Kimberly, 24)

lacey_ja_r (Lacey, 25) ? TWINS!

MindyCarr2009 (Mindy, 20)

MissesJames (Erin, 25)

mpoppins76 (Stephanie, 32)

shungerbuhler (Sherri, 27)

Tomkat8403 (Katie, 24)

xGoingToTheChapelX (Marie, 22) ? TWINS!

July 13 (19)

amesv119 (Amy, 26)


Blueeyes77 (Crysti, 26)

firsttimemama (Nikki, 24)

gina311 (Gina, 28)

IndyPRGirl (Marie, 26)


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Re: *~* July Sparklers' Monday Check-in *~*

  • My weekend was good!  For Valentine's day, DH gave me a bouquet of beautiful mixed flowers (lillies, roses, orchids, etc) and a long-stem red rose from each of my babies.  We had a lunch date and then for dinner I fixed king crab legs. Yum!

    No baby updates ~ big u/s in just 12 more days!

    Caleb.02.01.08 | Asher.07.06.09 | Jude.01.19.12
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  • I had a great weekend - I got back Saturday from a Carribean cruise, and during the trip the baby responded to sound for the first time! ?We went to see one of those Broadway-style shows they have on the ships, and as soon as the loud music started, the baby started kicking away - it was pretty funny, although it surprised me a bit!
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  • 1. My weekend went by way too fast! We went out for Vday for the first time ever and had a great time despite the 75 minute wait! I also got some really great mat jeans at goodwill from $6!!

    2. I SWEAR I felt the baby kick from the outside during church today...I'm hoping DH will feel it soon. We have our next appointment on Wednesday and should be scheduling our big u/s then!?

  • My weekend was good - DH was off all weekend which is nice because he usually has to work. No baby updates but I'm going to Mexico for a week with my sister tomorrow and could not be more psyched! I've never been out of the country before.
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  • My weekend was okay, No big plans for valentines Day.  We just picked up olive garden and stayed home for the night.  Still haven't got my v-day gift, DH ordered it and it didn't come in time, so i am wondering what it is. 
  • 1) Weekend was not good, had a lot of pain Saturday morning and went to ER they checked everything out and they said I was fine and it must just be growing pains.  It still hurts but definitely not as bad. 

    2) No updates that I can think of.  She's kicking away as we speak! 

  • Hi, can I please be added to the list??

    EDD: July 9
    I am 25 and it's a boy! :)


  • We went to the symphony on vday. It was really nice. Then we came home and ate hot dogs for dinner haha. Gotta love the preggo appetite.

     Nothing too new here. I'm feeling more movement lately. 

  • I had a really good weekend. FI and I had a Friday the 13th marathon on Friday but I only made it through 3 movies before falling asleep. Saturday while he was having his Jeep worked on I went shopping for mat clothes and found a few things but there were no good sales anywhere so I think with my next paycheck I'll be searching Goodwill. Yesterday we took our engagement pics (yup... almost 5 months into our engagement and 16 weeks pg, haha - I actually don't look pg in them, though), I took my dog to the park and then we met up with some friends for a bit. I have today off again but FI had to work so I'm up early anyway.

    No baby/pg updates, but my next app't is Thursday, I see a cardiologist and the OB, and hopefully we'll schedule our big u/s!

  • Just a relaxing weekend at home. Got some shopping done and cooked out for V day.

    We find out the sex tomorrow! Assuming baby cooperates!! So excited!

  • Hi July Sparklers,

     i would like to report that i am on Team Blue!!!!!!!

  • Weekend was good.  We had a nice VDay dinner and DH gave me flowers and chocolates (half of which are gone!!).  I've had a lot more energy lately and I actually got a lot done around the house yesterday.

    No baby updates except that we have our big u/s next Monday and I'm hoping we find out the baby is healthy and cooperates so we can find out the sex. 

  • My weekend was great.  I finally got to spend some time with DH.  Friday night we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  SAturday, he worked and mu mom and I went shopping. Then, saturday ngiht, DH and I both wanted pancakes, so we went out for breakfast for dinner.  Then we got to spend the whole day together on Sunday, and I finalized our selections for our wedding pictures. 

    My only baby update is that I am pretty sure I felt a kick this weekend. I certainly hope that's what it was.  And I had a stranger comment while in the check-out at walmart.

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  • Weekend was fun. DH, DD and I went to Des Moines for a family fun weekend. DD was teething all weekend which made nights not so fun but we had a good time anyway. DH got a bunch of new clothes which he really needed and we got to eat Indian food- something you can't get in this weenie little town.
  • My weekend was okay...filled with homework and one of my renters writing me a bounced check...that really stinks because we are leaving for vacation on Thursday and I am $600 short now...don't ever rent a house to 3 guys...haha....

     No baby updates...he is moving like crazy and I bought him a onesie this weekend from baby gap that says "I still live at home" HAHA

  • We spent the weekend at DH's parents on our way to FL.  I made a mental list of how I wouldn't want my kid to act by looking at his sister's son. Sad

    I did finish reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, and I was actually sad when it ended.  I highly recommend that everyone go out and read it!

  • M: (1) How was your weekend?  (2) Any baby/pregnancy updates?

    1.) The weekend was great we relaxed, went to dinner to our favorite restaurant for Valentines Day. 

    2.) Tomorrow is the Big ultrasound and i got my AFP results back and they were normal. That was exciting.

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  • weekend was good...had a great valentines day! No baby updates yet...but big U/S is on wednesday along with my early glucola test.
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    It's a BOY!!
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  • My weekend was great. For Valentine's Day my DH gave me a bouquet of choc. dipped strawberries and a coach wallet. Then Sunday we went crib and bedding shopping. No baby news so far!!
  • Mine totally sucked.  DH is a boy scout master and he had to go on a camping trip all weekend which meant I was home alone all weekend w/ DD.  He doesn't even get back until this evening.  The thing is....he said he would be the boy scout master two years ago because the parents of the troop called him up and ASKED him to do it.... he felt obligated since he used to be a boy scout there but told them he would only commit to it for a year and then they would have to find someone else.  They asked him initially because the guy who was doing it job moved states.  I think its crappy that NONE of the other parents stepped up.  Now its two years later and he's starting to quit.  This was his last camping trip.  They better come up with someone new fast b/c he's not staying!  He already stayed a year longer than he said he would.
  • 1. Weekend was great and have today off!! DH and I went to dinner and really relaxed!

    2. Big US on March 4th, 10 am. I can't wait wait!

  • Weekend is never long enough. I feel like a bum already this week and I have tons of stuff due.

    Found out that we're having a boy and that everything looks normal on Thursday. Other than that, we got our crib and changing table. We still have a lot of shopping ahead of us.

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  • Please add me to Team Green (rosejune05, July 25th) - we are waiting to find out the sex!  I'm still super psyched for our ultrasound on March 6th though.  I can't wait to see how much the baby has grown since 11.5 weeks.

  • The weekend was good. ?A power outage on Saturday caused us to clean out the nursery and assemble the crib.

    No pregnancy updates other than big u/s is next Monday, but could be today because I might have been exposed to fifth's disease and am waiting on the dr office to open so I can call to figure out what to do.?

  • My weekend was the same as always since I'm on bedrest.  DH bought me a book and a card which I wasn't expecting.  We just hung out in bed all weekend.  Our anniversary is in 3 days and DH doesn't have to work that day so hopefully that day will be a little more special. 

    No baby news here.  I had my big U/S last week.  I wasn't going to find out but I caved.  We're having a girl!  I was in shock but very excited.  I have a doctor appointment a week from today to check cervix length and other things so hopefully I'll get some good news.

  • we had a great weekend.  for valentine's day we went to listen to some friends of ours play in a band.  the baby loved it!  i can't wait for DH to feel it move to the music soon!

    Josh & Krista - May 31, 2008
  • My weekend was good! DH and I went started our registery on Saturday then went out to dinner.  Sunday we went out to dinner with my family.  We had our big ultra sound last week and everything, Thank God, was good!
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  • Hi!  I was never quite sure what I was doing even though I've posted a couple of times, but I'd really like to get to know everyone and my fellow due-daters a bit more;-) Joella, 28, EDD July 30... Hopefully I'll know the sex in 2 weeks, I'm so excited to be a part of this!
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  • 1) My weekend was great. DH was off from work on Valentine's Day so we went out to dinner and watched a movie.

    2) This weekend I started feeling stronger kicks, and both DH and I were able to feel the kicks from the outside. It is such an amazing feeling. Tomorrow is my big U/S and I'm so excited!

  • M: We had a good weekend. We went out for supper with my family. My sister has been in and out of the hospital as she is due with my first little neice or nephew any day now.

    On Wednesday, I have a doctor's app't. So I'm pretty excited for that

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