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where does everyone shop for maternity?

Hi Bumpies-

I am wondering where everyone shops for maternity clothes. I would like to get one of the bella band thingies but I'd like to try one on first rather than order one online. I am in Chelsea but spends lots of time in Ann Arbor, Novi, Northville, Plymouth, etc. I am cuious to hear where everyone gets their goods! :) Also, are there any good re-sale shops? I hate to spend a lot of maternity clothes when you only where them for such a short time.

Re: where does everyone shop for maternity?

  • I just went to Motherhood over the weekend and I thought the prices were pretty reasonable (jeans were like $25-$35) and they had some cute tops too. ?
  • Kohl's had a lot too- they have a cheaper line of Motherhood.  Pea in the Pod, Mimi, Motherhood and Kohl's Brand (I can't remember what it is) are all the same company and have similar fashions and the secret fit belly.
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  • I bought a lot of my clothes at Target; the Liz Lange stuff is great. They also recently starting selling a Bella Band-type garment there too, so you could try one on before you buy it. I wore my Bella Band EVERY DAY and still do (my son is 4 mos). Buy a couple, they're really great for smoothing out your belly and all the little 'bulges' that come with being pregnant, and especially afterwards (when your belly is pretty much just mush, lol). I liked Motherhood Maternity too- they're pretty reasonable price-wise. Pea in the Pod is good but $$$$, so beware; you'll love the clothes and want to buy everything! I still wear a lot of my maternity stuff so you might end up wearing everything for a lot longer than you think. ;-) 
  • I got a lot of my stuff from Motherhood.  Their stuff is pretty affordable.  I've heard good things about Target too.  I just saw they had Bella Bands the other day.  I also got a bunch of stuff off  They had some really cute tops


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  • I was on the bella band website the other day & it said they're sold at Nordstoms & somewhere else.  It was a link from the right side of this website, on it you can search for stores in your area that sell it.  Hope that helps.
  • I shop at Kohl's, Target, and Motherhood.  There is a resale shop in Northville called Baby Baby.  They have maternity clothes.
  • I went to Destination Maternity in Somerset over the weekend, and am so sad I didn't discover it sooner!  It was great -- tons of selection, friendly staff, and a wide range of prices to accomodate everyone.

  • I got my belly band from Target, they have black or white and aren't as fancy as some of the other ones, but are a lot cheaper.  It is great!!!!!!  I also shop the clearance at Kohls.  I've gotten shirts for $2 and $3, cheaper than some of the baby clothes!  Old Navy actually has some cute stuff too, I'm not sure if they have it in stores or just on-line, but they have long pants which are hard to find if you need to ( I do!)
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