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OB/GYN at Evanston Hospital

I am really unhappy and annoyed with my OB/GYN office.  They are rude, I am always waiting a long time for appointments, and they have lost some of my paperwork.  While I like my doctor, I am not overly attached to her and because she is part of a practice, there is no guarantee that she is going to be there when I deliver.  I really want to deliver at Evanston Hospital (also known as Northshore University Healthcare).  Anybody have any recommendations of a good OB/GYN that is able to deliver at Evanston?

Re: OB/GYN at Evanston Hospital

  • I have a friend who goes to Dr. Kim at Evanston Hospital. ?She really likes her. ?She is due in 3 weeks and switched to Dr. Kim at the beginning of her pregnancy.
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  • I am going to deliver at Evanston, but I see a Nurse Midwife.  I absolutely love her.  If that is an option, let me know an I will get your her info.
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  • I am going to my cousins doctor.  She is one of four in her practice  Dr. Krausse.  She is wonderful.  I know two others who she has delivered and they had great experiences with her.  She is a strong personality, but really really cares about you and your baby.  Her office phone is 847-673-3130

    Her office is in the medical building at Old Orchard and she delivers at Evanston Northshore Hospital.  

     Hope this helps. 

    Due Date: April 14, 2009
  • I go to Women's Medical Group in the Old Orchard Professional Building. Same practice as one of the previous posters noted (Dr. Krause). My doctor is Dr. Pearlman. I've been going there for years and am now going through my first pregnancy with the practice. I've been happy with them.
  • Dr. Ronald Miller is the best.  I'm not sure if he's taking on new patients but if he is, I'd HIGHLY recommend you consider him and see if he's right for you.
  • I'm sure I might be late now ..... But I will be delivering at that hospital NSU .... I recommend Dr. Saleh ... he's right across the street form the hospital
  • MiaVonT - Dr. Saleh delivered my DD. ?He is wonderful!! ?GL!!
  • I see Dr. Cislak over there. She is really sweet and was really helpful. I had an unplanned VBAC and she was very supportive of my decision. I saw other doctors in her practice, too, and liked them all. I delivered my ds at Evanston hospital and my experience was wonderful---so much better than I had with my dd at Prentice! Best thing is that her practice is in the building right next door to the hospital.
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