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August Due Dates?

So who is due in August?  How are you feeling?  Are you starting to show?  I'm so excited!

Re: August Due Dates?

  • I am due September 1st and I am starting to show.  I have not told work yet and I am getting lots of stares lately.  Oh well, let them wonder.  Still have morning sickness, only I have it in the evenings- and I have kind of lost my apetite and have to force myself to eat, not normal for me, I love food.
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  • The morning sickness & nausea should end soon.  I'm feeling much better-13 weeks in-so good that I hope everything is ok, I'm so used to feeling nauseous & not having an appetite.

     Telling work made things easier for me, though I still haven't told my students.  Who knows when or how I'll do that.  Like you said as I show I'm wearing baggy sweaters since I've only bought maternity pants not tops yet.

  • Hi ladies -

    I'm due with my first on August 2nd, and am sooo crazy excited!  My husband and I had to go through a lot to get here, but we got lucky on our first round of IVF.  I've been feeling good, pregnancy-wise lately, but came down with the stomach flu on Thursday, so i've been worrying like crazy about the baby lately and drinking as much fluid as i can hold down.  I'll feel a lot better when i go in for an ultrasound next week and can see our little one wiggling around!

  • Hi gals, sorry for the late post. I am due Aug 15th and I very excited. I definately have a little bump. Although the morning/noon and night sickness has affected me since week 6 and counting. I am hoping it ends soon!
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