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*~* July Sparklers' Wednesday Check-in *~*

I'm trying my best to keep up with your big u/s results, but if I miss your post please make sure you let me know in your check-in reply (or by email or PM).  I do read every reply to the check-in so that's a great way to let me know what team you are joining! Smile

Welcome to the July Sparklers? daily check-in!  This is a group for women who are due in July 2009.  To be added to the list, please reply to this post with your name, age, and EDD.  You may also let me know if your age or EDD has changed!


As you find out what the sex of your baby is, please let me know (by posting it in your reply to this check-in or by emailing me) so we can keep track of the number of boys, girls, and surprises!


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Group Stats

Total members: 537

Sets of Twins: 13

Boys: 28                 Girls: 20                  Surprises: 27

Most common EDD: July 4 & 9 (27 members)

Least common EDD: July 7 (7 members)


Bed Rest Sparklers: MCGMK


July 1 (16)

allicia82 (Allicia, 26)

AZ2MN4LOVE (Briana)

Brittanie_1987 (Brittanie, 21)

CAParisi (30)

Chrysallys (Jennifer, 36)

debisheldon (Debi, 30) ? TWINS!

desabean (36)

kit443 (Carson, 28)

lucyatx (35)

musicamh (Ashley)

msummer615 (Michelle, 28)

PnJ Mooney (Jacqueline, 25)


skorpia1074 (Lina)

skylooo (Katie, 26)

Zeener (Azine, 28)

July 2 (19)

3PupsAndABaby (Kimmie, 25)

Aimee&Bill (Aimee, 32)


duckee88 (Brittney, 20)

emilyatpsu (Emily, 26)

HisLovf (Jen, 26)

jrodda (28)

kbryan03 (Kelley, 23)

KevandJess (28)

kkmack (Kristen, 25)

NewBride0423 (Tish, 33)

NManger (Nichole)

patrickandkim (Kim, 25)

Pugs05 (Jen, 28)

Shoop-na-doopa (Trish, 31)

Slamamama (23)

Soon2BMrsN (26)

s.s.girl (24) ? TWINS!

tml0701 (Toni, 31)

July 3 (18)

bridetobe05 (Amy, 30)

Bririna (31)

fawnanddoe (Jessica, 25)

hickler7 (Jennifer, 30)

hparrott (Heather, 22)

jods8 (Jody)

kaightea (Katie, 26)

lennonlover (Angie, 26)


Luvpiggies (Erin, 27)

mnimee (Marissa, 30)

mrs.serrato85 (23)

mrstrn (Becca, 30)

Mrs.Underwood (Meagan, 25)

MrsZ71407 (26)

rebus82 (Randi, 26)

seth&linds (Lindsay, 26)

stlJanaJo (Jana)

July 4 (27)

alison1020 (Alison, 29)

AZ*Grl (Janie, 25)

babyjoy09 (Brenda, 23)


coffeekitten (Rachel Marie, 26)

daveNmissy (Melissa, 27) ? TWINS!

erino&chrish (Erin, 29)

esmoore (Elizabeth, 23)

jenn.panos (Jennifer, 25)

khagan9368 (32)

korndog99 (Kory, 27)

LianeL (Lori, 37)

Manalyzer (24)

matt&steph (Stephanie, 27)

meyemn28 (Marissa, 24)

MiaVonT (Mia, 28) ? TWINS!

momtobetimes3 (29)

mrsbrustobe (Abby, 35)

MuesFamily (Christina, 26)

mvesneske (26)

Nelliep32507 (Janell, 30)

nicole.romiglio (Nicole, 24)


pghwedding10/08 (Caitlin, 28)

robbie3982 (Robin, 25)

sarahryandrewlo (Sarah, 28)

Shanseur* (25) ? TWINS!

July 5 (16)

adams179 (Emily, 21)

aggiewed05 (Teri, 25)

elvis_cbw (Vicki, 26)

empressjenn (Jenn, 31)

hairstylist720 (Jana, 25)

jcjen519 (Jennifer, 26)

kmv6107 (Kate, 31)

kristinka7 (Kristina, 23)

Idhreniel (Annie, 23)

Mrs.Greenie (Christy, 26)

roslyn20 (Roslyn, 34)

sarah.townsend (Sarah, 23)

susangilchrist (Susan, 27)

TRACI15 (Traci, 20)

upstatenymommy (Emily, 27)

whitem22 (Michelle, 27)

July 6 (18)

ahernandez (Amanda, 25)

amandasue (Amanda, 29)

beeker1 (Loumeli, 31)

gummybearsong (Callie, 28)

Iblamethebeer (Darcy, 27)

JenB225 (Jenni, 26)

jenn_a_bee (Jenn, 25)

lhylcn (32)

Josh & Calendi (Calendi, 30)

MattysGirl81 (Holly, 27)

Mickeychew (Michelle, 26)

Mrs.Bazin (Danielle, 23)

Mrs. Nerychel (28)

shellbomb (Michelle, 30)

SummerAshley (Summer, 24)

TessaTru (Laurel, 26)

toothfairy806 (Traci, 28)

volleydiva (Christina, 28)

July 7 (7)

ashloree (Ashley, 24)

HDxNxJ (Heather, 26)

jeccap (Jessica, 27)

Mrs_mam (Alison, 29)

nichle (Nicole, 30)

seabass22 (Jessica, 32)

skats2000 (Samantha, 26)

July 8 (26)

78kiki (Kay, 30)

amycoffey (Amy, 26)

angela&ruben (Angela, 29)

branditubb (Brandi, 26)

cheshirekaatttt (Elena, 27)

curlycasey (Casey, 26)

gracieleigh2 (Rachel, 26)

happyfarn (Jill, 31)


jmstone (Jenna, 22)

julosh (Julie, 20)

kayla_lynn (Kayla, 22)

KrisFlower (Kristi, 28)

krista_rosey (Krista, 26)

Ksis (Kristan, 27)

meelar8 (Laura, 28)

nwilliams8 (Nicole)

nycteach (Patricia, 30)

orion09 (Camrn?, 22)

rlpschll (Renee, 29)

SB524 (Anne, 26)

stephelias (Stephanie, 23)

teiaj (Teia, 27)

thefarmchick (Lisa, 26)

vilicious (Stephanie, 33)

zakiebaby (Karen, 24)

July 9 (27)

augustbride12 (Kate, 28)


BadaBing327 (Jaime, 25)

Brittany FreyBox (Brittany, 26)

ciara2927 (Ciara, 26)

cookiesheart (Articia, 26)

dandnat (Natalie, 27)

disneychick (Rosanna, 25)

Finally_Mrs.Garcia (Vivian, 27)

Hapuh3 (Brenda, 34)

hijoi (Joi, 34)

JGratton99 (Jackie, 25)

kellybaird (Kelly, 28)

ladybugbabyp (Tami, 26)

LoveMyLily (Alli, 31)

mikeandjen (Jen, 30)

mj0612 (Megan, 23)

OfficallyanOlson (Jeannie, 26)

RubyRed1085 (Amanda, 23)


scherzo (Gina, 29)

seriously888 (Jenn, 28)

ShelJean (Shelley, 28)

Shortcake79 (Beth, 29)

soontobejesseng (Jessica, 25)

tevola (Tanisha, 23)

vponce07 (Vanessa, 27)

July 10 (15)

Audreyp (Audrey)

brownbetty2006 (Brandy, 22)

cblremi (Crystal, 25)

Choco80 (Alicia)

Cristydz (Cristy, 32)

Heather577 (Heather, 31)

lbittma80 (Lisa, 28)

Julybride_07 (Trista, 22)

Leahbrazil (Leah, 25)

maiziejenga (Danielle, 33)

melhearts (Melinda)

MissTGH (Timberly, 35)

sugar*and*spice (Deborah, 23)

Teamhuber (Kimberly, 27)

vjrun21 (Viviana, 21)

July 11 (13)

*Bee* (Brittany, 24)

BrideofSky (Dana, 34)

caleta (Tonia, 27)

CandleGirl (ReNae, 30)

crlyq2004 (Bethany, 22)

j&rwil (Robin, 27)

jmkirste (Jenn, 27)

MrsSchoon04 (Renea, 26)

kleopatra09 (Kleopatra, 26)

linds8103 (Lindsey, 27)


sxu0007 (Sara, 25)

Trixie6717 (Ashley, 32) ? TWINS!

July 12 (16)

Alibeck (Allison, 28)

C.Mo (Colby, 24)

Dulaney (Heidi, 25)

echildre (Elisabeth)

g8orell (Erika)

iHeartHimMore (Michelle, 29)

lilgazer7 (Kara, 27)

kermie1975 (Michelle, 33)

Kimberly O (Kimberly, 24)

lacey_ja_r (Lacey, 25) ? TWINS!

MindyCarr2009 (Mindy, 20)

MissesJames (Erin, 25)

mpoppins76 (Stephanie, 32)

shungerbuhler (Sherri, 27)

Tomkat8403 (Katie, 24)

xGoingToTheChapelX (Marie, 22) ? TWINS!

July 13 (18)


Blueeyes77 (Crysti, 26)

firsttimemama (Nikki, 24)

gina311 (Gina, 28)

IndyPRGirl (Marie, 26)

janbrady (Alison, 30)

Jenypo (Jen, 27)

KKG (Kathy, 31)

lizzie819 (Lizzie, 28)


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Re: *~* July Sparklers' Wednesday Check-in *~*

  • I missed yesterday:

    tuesday: we are doing a neutral nursery with no theme -- white and navy walls, white furniture, and primary colored bedding/accessories.  I'll throw in accents after baby is born based on gender.

    wednesday: I'm 19 weeks and still waiting on the arrival of both a bump and the large prego boobs everyone else seems to have gotten right away, so there's not much changing body to respond to.  I think DH is ready, though -- he's always thought pregnant bellies were cute.

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  • FI loves most of the changes but sometimes it seems that he doesn't think before he says something about them out loud. For example, in response to the darkening hair under my belly button, he said, "Oh my god look how dark it's gotten... why does it do that?!?" And yesterday when I said that I wanted to go get our picture taken this weekend (just something we've been meaning to do for a while, and I want to do it while I can still sorta suck the stomach in a little), he responded, "Yeah, I was wondering when we were gonna do that 'cause you're definitely not getting any smaller. I mean, you are really getting big." ...Thanks, sweetie.
  • I'm just beginning to get a little bump, but my boobs are way larger than they used to be. He LOVED that change, and every time he notices my bump, he says he thinks it's the cutest thing. Hope he feels that way in a few more months. Stick out tongue
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  • DH has been great about my body, so far. ?My bump is starting to emerge and he always wants to look at and touch it. ?Right now, I just feel puffy and don't really like him giving my stomach so much attention! ?Hopefully that will change as I fill out a little more...
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  • My DH is a pro at not saying the wrong thing.  He thinks the bump is adorable, the boobs are great, and the not so cute stuff he pretends he doesn't notice. I love him for it!
  • I don't think my body has changed too much considering I'm just starting to see a bump and my boobs did not increase in size - BOO!   He does like to rub my mini-bump though and tell me he loves me.  I think he's scared to touch too hard or too much in fear he will do something wrong.  Poor guy! I just hope he thinks I'm still attractive when I'm closer to nine months.
  • My DH has been great! The only change I've had is my belly popping out and he loves it. He always comes up to me and rubs it and talks to the baby.

    **My EDD changed - can you move me from July 19 to July 13? Thanks!**

  • My DH said he couldn't even tell I started showing.  Which I knew was a big fat lie.  So, I caught him in the lie yesterday because he said right after our ultrasound, "I was hoping you were having a boy, because your tummy looks like a basketball and that is what I have heard boys look like"  HAHAHA I responded with "I thought you couldn't tell I was showing...did that change?"  We both just started laughing.  He has been great!
  • W: How is your DH/SO handling/responding to the changes in your body?

    DH is very excited for my baby bump :)

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  • DH insists I look no bigger, every time I complain I look fat.  He's loving the bigger boobs (of course!) and tells me I'm beautiful all the time.  He's on the right track!
  • Dh loves my little belly.  He rubs it all the time and says "Look at that belly!"  He is also enjoying my ever-increasing boob size.  Smile
  • W: How is your DH/SO handling/responding to the changes in your body? He's so supportive.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  I got huge w/ my first and have tons of stretch marks and extra skin on my belly from her.  He always tells me I'm beautiful and that whenever he looks at me he just feels love because I went through all of that sacrifice to give him his little girl.  It doesn't turn him off at all and he is always telling me how wonderful I am.  Plus....he really does like my boobs getting bigger....AGAIN! :)


    (I have pictures in my blog comparing the two pregnancies and you probably can't tell I had extra skin when I started doing belly pics for the twins but it is there.  I had gained 65 pounds with DD and lost 60 of it before becoming pregnant again.  A lot of it was water weight though.  THE DAY I delivered her I ended up losing 30 pounds.  That's crazy!)

  • DH is really good about my changing body. He of course likes the large change in breast size, but also is really sweet and excited about the growing baby bump. Every time he sees it he gets all excited about our baby.
  • My DH may say a lot of stupid things, but none of them have been in regards to my changing body. He actually has been very supportive and is in love with the extra cup size. He has been really supportive since we found out our AFP came back high.
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  • DH is handling the changes well.  He's become a boob man, lol.

  • My DH actually loves my pregnant body, he gets all excited everytime my belly gets bigger. He just hates that my boobs look so big and nice and he can't touch them because they are too sore.
  • We found out yesterday that we are having a little boy.

     Also my EDD changed from July 9th to July 6th.

  • Dh is lovin' it...he says the boob fairy came to visit.
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    It's a BOY!!
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  • For the most part, I think DD has no idea what's going on. She will pat my belly when I ask her where mommy's baby is but I think that's because she likes to stick her finger in my belly button (which totally grosses me out). She will kiss my belly and we're working on being kind and gentle with her doll- I think that's all I can expect at this age.


    Oh wait, I misread the question- sorry! I thought you were asking about our kids! I'll leave my first response because DH is totally fine- we've done this before.?

  • W: How is your DH/SO handling/responding to the changes in your body? My body hasn't changed much this time around.  Last time the boobs got bigger but DH says "more than a handful is too much".  He loved the big belly though.

  • DH is amazing.  Despite my insecurities, he never fails to tell me how beautiful I am.  I heart him.

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  • T: We have a few ideas for themes, depending on what we are having, (which we should find out today ~ YAY), but we are so back on forth on everything I have no idea....maybe I will re-answer this when we know forsure what to expect :P

    W: DH has been great, he was there holding my hair back while I was throwing up and never complained or has complained about my lack of energy, therefore my lack of doing what I would normally be doing around the house, and when I complain about how large I'm getting he always tells me that I'm beautiful and that he loves me.....even if I don't always buy it at the time Stick out tongue



    M/C~5/15/2011 @ 12 weeks

    M/C~09/28/2011 @ 10 weeks

  • M: (1) How was your weekend?  (2) Any baby/pregnancy updates?  (3) What other websites do you frequent daily or often (baby-related or not)? Great weekend, pretty uneventful. I visit target.com, babiesrus.com, myspace, google, and facebook daily.


    T: What kind of nursery do you want? Theme? Our nursery is going to have a nautical theme. I am so excited to get started!


    W: How is your DH/SO handling/responding to the changes in your body? He has been very supportive. He understands when I'm tired or just don't feel well. He's also on bump duty. He checks out my little bump every day to see if it's gotten any bigger. lol


    Also I'm on team blue!


  • I am not real sure, somedays he seems to really love the bump, others he doesn't say much (maybe because the real bump hasn't popped yet, and my bump seems to come and go).  He does talk to my belly everyday and tells the baby to keep growing big and strong. 


  • DH has been great.  He loves my bump and always tells me how great I look. It definitely makes me feel better about my changing shape.

  • DH is great about the changes.  He always admires my bump when I show him how big it's getting.  He of course loves the bigger boobs...can't keep his hands off them.  Not sure what he'll think once I start breastfeeding with them...LOL.
  • W: How is your DH/SO handling/responding to the changes in your body?

    I haven't had too many changes physically yet, just a little bump starting to show. DH says it's cute and tells me I'm sexy. He likes the fact I have grown a few cup sizes so far too....!

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  • I need to play catch up...

    T: I want to do a classic and simple nursery, but want it to be colorful and playful at the same time.  Having a hard time deciding on bedding though...

    W: Dh loves the changes in my body and seems to be even more turned on then before.

  • Somehow I missed Monday and Tuesday...


    Monday:  The weekend was fabulous, went to see DH family.   I felt my first baby movement.    Totally a neat feeling.    I visit lots but Facebook is probably my biggest.

    Tuesday:  We are doing Turtles.   Gender neutral.   The room is green already.

    Wednesday:  Although I am still at the early stages of stages, my DH thinks it is beautiful.   He has rubbed on my belly since we found out.


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