Pregnant after 35

Did anyone NOT have problems conceiving?

My DH and I want to TTC but he wants to wait until June to avoid having a winter baby.  I think it's best to start now, as I assume it will take time.  We do have a DS so I know there are no major issues, just age (will be 35 in a few months) and luck.  I'm ready now and don't want to wait a few months to start and then however long it takes to get pregnant.  I'm also concerned that if we decide to go for #3, it will take a while then.  Did anyone get pregnant right away?  I'm just wondering if I have the luxury of waiting a few extra months at this age.

 BTW, I realize that waiting a few extra months or having a winter baby is not the end of the world, just wanted some opinions. :) 

Re: Did anyone NOT have problems conceiving?

  • I have PCOS so would have had problems i'm sure- we did get pg on our own once right when we started TTC- and m/c.  We started to see an RE right after that and it only took one cycle with clomid to work to get DS... then at age 35 it took us 2 cycles with clomid to get the twins.

    i have many friends 35+ who got pg in the first month or 2 of TTC without any help - so unless you are truly ready to be pg right away- i'd wait.

    i'm with your DH- i could not deal with a winter baby- i think i'd get bad PPD and stress over sicknesses, etc - i already hate winter as it is- i would be miserable stuck in the house with an infant. I'm a big fan of spring babies :)

    good luck to you!

  • We were not even trying and I was already beginning to go through premature menopause. Age in itself does not necessarily equate to fertility issues. I think over all health is a much better indicator. Good luck!!
  • I got pregnant the 1st time in 2 cycles off the pill (the 1st one, we moved on "the day" and did not have a bed.)  The second time, at 36, I got pg on the 1st cycle.  You never know.  I have a friend who just gave birth to her first DD at 43 after only trying for 2 months.  I have other friends who are 32 and can't get pregnant. 
  • we got pregnant immediately with dd, but after having her at the age of 37 I have not ovulated seems to be fairly common to have more problems achieving subsequent pregnancies when older, so keep that in mind when you're planning.
  • I was knocked up 2 months after stopping the pill at the age of 37 1/2. I had a history of endo and fibroids so it was a surprise that it was so easy.

    He is my first and possibly my only child. Pregnancy itself was tough - wicked m/s and GD. ?

  • I conceived on my 5th cycle off BCP and I'm 38 (will deliver at 39).

    I was convinced that I would have problems (not sure why) but luckily I did not.


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  • It took me a year to get pregnant naturally and I'll be 39 when I deliver.
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • I got pregnant the first time as soon as I went off the pill at 37 (not trying, just getting ready to start trying). ?That ended in a miscarriage. ?I then got pregnant again at 37 on my third cycle trying and have a beautiful girl. ?I just found out I am pregnant again (now 38). ?I never even got my period after giving birth and was not actively trying (although we did not use birth control).
  • ME! We got pregnant our first month. To be fair, I was technically 34 when we conceived, but I turned 35 by the time I got my BFP.
  • I got pregnant in 2 months with DS at the age of 36.  We weren't trying for DS#2, and I was 39 when we conceived.

    I worked in fertility clinics for 6 years, and figured we'd have TTTC when we started.  I was so convinced I'd have trouble, we started trying before we were even engaged. I think that trying to plan for trouble is just as difficult as trying to plan for no trouble, if that makes any sense. You can't predict one way or the other, so, eh, roll the dice when you're ready and hope for the best!

    Good luck!

  • *raises hand high*

    I went on and on, explaining to DH that it was certainly going to take a while with #2, as I was 39, and I've got old eggs, etc etc etc.

    It was August, BBQ time, I was drinking like it was my *job* that month between all of the end of summer parties, and the FIRST month we tried I hit it.    No one was more shocked than I, and honestly - I was trying desperately to avoid having to cancel work in the spring, since I'm self employed and had a LOT of it then.... but to quote my favorite phrase.. "People make plans and God laughs."

    Just be prepared for it to happen when it happens once you start trying!


  • We were actively trying for 4 months. I am 37 and this is my first. It was really easy, much easier than I expected.
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  • We didn;t. This baby is a total surprise as we were still using birth control!
  • It seemed like it too forever go get PG with #1. It took 7 cycles and I was obsessed w/ it. I planned it out meticulously and finally did Clomid and that worked.  I was 34.

     With these last 2 pregnancies, it happened almost miraculously. We weren't really trying, were not having sex regularly (if at's been pretty dry in our house :-)   ) and it happened very quickly.

    I really do believe that the less you stress and worry about it, the quicker it will happen.

  • Much easier and quicker than I thought. Off BCP for two cycles and pregnant on second. I am 36.
  • I went off birth control at the end of Nov. (our honeymoon). I got a BFP on Jan. 22. I turned 35 in last Nov. As my BF put it "see what you get for being healthy"

    I was really banking on the fact that it would take a few months since I am in a midst of a career change and still working as an intern. But I was also afraid if we waited it might not happen so we rolled the dice. I am still hoping to find full time employment before I start to show. DH and I are very excited in any case and we'll make it work regardless of my job status.


  • I got pregnant the 2nd month I tracked my cycle & had "scheduled" sex, lol.  Prior to that, I was just winging it for about 6 months & did not conceive, but after I started paying attention to my body & tracking my cycle for about a month, we got pregnant right away, at age 35, will be 36 at delivery.

  • We started trying when I was 38 and it took us over two years, including fertility treatments and then getting pregnant on our own!  But.. we had essentially given up. :(

    I've done a ton of research and seen lots of doctors (wish I hadn't) and there's lots of conflicting views.  However, from everything I've found, unfortunately age is definitely the biggest predictor for how long it will take and if you will be able to get pregnant.  in the 'wish i had known' camp, i'd say that if you know that you definitely want another, start asap as that's the best way to put the odds in your favor.  if you're ok with maybe having another or would be ok if it didn't happen, then i'd wait until it was optimal timing.  but, if you definitely want one, unfortunately the waiting period is behind us!

    Good luck to you!  And btw, having had a baby already gives you better odds than the rest of us. :)

  • Took 4 months each time.  Well, actually, I got pg after 3 mos this go round but had a chemical pg and got pg the very next cycle with this one.  Problem is you just never know.  A friend got pg first time with #1 and had bad 2ndary IF with #2 (3 m/cs over 3 years) until she finally conceived when her DS was 5.  I figured if I experienced 2ndary IF, we would have time to conceive #2 and would be okay with just 2 kids.  If we didn't have issues, leaves open the possibility of #3.  We'll see..

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  • I didn't.  DS was conceived the first cycle (honeymoon baby) and DS2 took 2 cycles of trying. I was 36 and DH was 40 when we started. 
  • We didn't have any problems.  DS was conceived in our second month of trying.  We didn't do anything special.  DH calls it the saturation bombing method of trying.

    Edit:  I was 39 and DH was 35 when we conceived.

  • We did not.  We also wanted to avoid a winter baby.  We got pregnant in Sept and MCed that.  Then we got pregnant the next month in October.  I tracked my CM since March and by the time we officially started, I knew when we should go for it.
  • There is really no way of knowing this. You might conceive right away or it may take a while.  With my DS it took us 2 mos.  My DD took us 6 mos.  I had a miscarriage and with that baby is took us 1mos!  And with my current pregnancy it took us 5 mos.  And I have a January baby and it's really not that bad.  It could actually be better because the baby will be older come summer and you can do a little more.  Good lucK!
  • I was 40 and got pregnant my first cycle trying.
  • I had a hard time conceiving the first time but this time I went off the pill in August we started trying in October and were PG in December.  Shocked my socks off.
  • I try not to tell my friends who are having trouble TTC, but with both my ds and this current pregnancy, we hit home runs the first time we tried.  I'll be 36 next month.
  • Ours was the first try and I was 38 at the time.

  • We didn't. I was 32 when I had DD #1 and we got pg in 2 cycles (after being off the pill for 2 cycles and I had been on it for 18 years.) I am now 35 and pg with DD #2 and it took us 3 cycles to conceive this time. GL!
  • no issues.  got pg after 3rd cycle of trying and 4th cycle off od the pill
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  • I was lucky and got pg the first month off of the pill and the first month of trying after the m/c.

    Good luck!

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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