3rd Trimester

I'm in labor...baby coming today!

Hey girls!

I came in for contrax 3 mins apart with cramping (I've had PTL since NYE) and they tried to give me terbutaline injections twice, which did nothing and said they would try magnesium sulfate via IV but it didn't stop my contrax and I was 4 cm when she checked me. She said there was no stopping it at that point and that I'd have a baby today.

I am 5cm so far, they broke my water & I got an epidural.

Hoping the fact that Jax got steroids 2 wks ago for his lungs and that he's measuring 3 wks ahead at 5 lbs 12 oz on Monday will mean he will be healthy and not spend much time if any in the NICU.

Wish me luck!!!

Re: I'm in labor...baby coming today!

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